Gaming 2023

Just looking into this - sounds up my street!

Limmy’s Frog Detective playthroughs are very entertaining if you like his schtick

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got game pass for 2 weeks for £1. finished froggy, venba, and halfway through cocoon

nice little burst of short indie games

then back to the backlog. just need to pick a game and stick with it.


Tbh, Gamepass is golden for Indies. I recommend Toem if you’ve not played it, loved that so much. Favourite game I’ve played this year I think

i’ll add it to the list

(ah shit, i remember this coming out on ps5 - i meant to play it. time to right that)

Couldn’t decide what to play so dipped into the backlog. Started Earth Atantis but was immediately disappointed. The art is superficially nice, it looks like a pencil drawing on a sepia landscape, but it gets monotone very fast, especially when the whole game is just backtracking through identical looking mazes endlessly shooting the same boring enemies with the same boring gun. Packed it in after an hour, can’t see it getting better.

Tried Axiom Verge next. Done the first two bosses and liking it, but wow it really does rip off Super Metroid in every way. Will see how long I last before getting frustrated with it.

Fuck sake, Dark Cloud soundtrack just came on shuffle and now I’m clucking to play it again.

Walkong dead
Last airbender

Gamemill on fire this past month

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Hah saw this linked elsewhere yesterday and watched aghast:

Stunning stuff


this is mesmerising

got a quest 3

playing a lot of population one, walkabout mini golf.

Played a bit of paw patrol racer earlier which is why i cant be trusted with game pass

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Rick just stood there takking shot gun shots to head like its nothing


Rage quit cocoon temporarily cos of floating duo egg prick boss thing fuck off

That bit absolutely did me

Like I had no idea what the game was all about, then skipped straight to the cutscene, and was thinking “wait… surely the whole thing isn’t just you choosing dialogue options over still frames” and then BAM, repeatedly blasting someone in the face with a shotgun to no effect whatsoever other than a health bar going down slightly

Truly, spectacular


Excited Happy Birthday GIF

…actually don’t think I want anything at the moment, got loads of stuff to be getting on with.

I can get ps plus extra for 2 quid for a month

Might bite for inscryption, teardown, and tchia but also… come on i havent the time

I got Redfall. Apparently it’s okay (i.e. playable) now! Still probably shit, but a reasonable enough price to take a punt on my favourite developer’s nadir.


I’d be interested to know if it is up to much now. I was initially excited but the reviews just evaporated all that.

do it do it do it do it