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Delighted Resi 4 is getting these glowing reviews.

I played the demo for 5 mins and knew I’d be getting it day one. The scores just convince me I’m making the right decision.

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Turns out that cunt Calvin Robinson owns God is a Geek. Fuck that site and fuck that grifter.

He even has a secular twitter where he tweets about games. Unreal. Two seperate brands.

Tried RE4 on the Switch and bailed after you fight the massive monster. Just not for me. Found the controls really off putting, and I generally just can’t get into games built on tension and jump scares and moments of dread and panic. Wish I could approach it all like a Dunkey vid and laugh at all the mad stuff happening but it doesn’t work. Shame, I always feel like I’m missing something when a game (or book or film) is so acclaimed and I don’t get it, but I wish you all well with the remake.


Yeah watching footage of all RE stuff and it just doesn’t appeal at all.

Next up in my queue… The last of us!

Medan was so patchy. The joins between the different scenes were so clunky and obvious. Some bits you’d have a character talking and it would fade to black at the end of one sentence, then jolt back in with the character stood somewhere different, starting a new sentence at a different tone and volume. Then it would happen again moments later. Came across as a budget title despite the often brilliant graphics and voice acting

Im a lightweigjt when it comes to horror but i meber found RE4 remotely scary

It was way more action game than horror

it’s the best post ps1 FF game

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need a new game, can someone recommend me some off the ps plus catalogue pls (completed forgotten city last week so not that one but that sort of hidden gem would be good). no worries if not.

downloaded marvel puzzle force and came close to getting kingdom hearts, this is what happens when you make me make my own decisions

Currently splitting time between ER, COD, FN, a few fighters (dragon ball, guilty gear, SF anniversary pack) and when on the move, a replay of Cardshark and a little bit of MK8

I am back on my Star Renegades bullshit

£6.82 in the Steam sale this, might buy it again so I’m not stuck with the Switch version

Epimer I finally played Cosmic Star Heroine which I think I got in a sale on your recommendation. I did a proper review in the games completed thread but I think i liked it.

Glad to hear it. I don’t read that thread because I tend to play games to about 80% completion then my brain squirrels run off to the next one, and it makes me feel weirdly guilty.

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I get that.

My main query with the game - and whole genre I guess - is the difficulty. Hard to find a balance between battles feeling trivial at one end at tedious at the other.

For me it depends on how engaging I find the combat system. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona style, Disgaea style: good, lets me make decisions that make me feel clever. Classic FF-style: boring.


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I suppose it depends what you’re in the mood for and what you’ve played already. I adored forgotten city, after 200 hrs of elden ring it was the perfect tonic.

Life is strange and Edith finch are on there and would have a relatively similar vibe to the forgotten city in that they’re generally laid-back in terms of gameplay but still affecting. Outer wilds has a timeloop theme similar to it too.

Dragon quest builders is a lot of fun if you like SimCity/Minecraft world builders.

Demon souls/Returnal/Blasphemous for more hardcore action

From scrolling through, others I’ve liked would be
Valiant hearts, The missing j.j. etc, little nightmares, moving out (only for local co-op,), gravity rush 2, Wreckfest, this war of mine, Virginia, Rez, momodora.

All much better than Mickey Mouse does anime random battles for 80 hours with some spiky haired teenagers. (I have never played a kingdom hearts game but I assume this is what they are)

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Hadn’t heard of this before but from a quick search it sounds great. I saw some moans about Switch performance/buginess, has that been improved by patches?

It’s never crashed on me. The overworld can get a bit frame droppy but whatever, it’s a turn based tactics game.

Highly, highly recommend playing it on Easy to begin with - there’s quite a lot to get your head round and Normal is really hard.

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Cool, not too bothered about frame rates in a tactics game :+1:

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