Gaming 2023

Having a really lovely time with Sable, wild I picked it up for nothing

I had no idea the amico had so nuch drama going on

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I’ve restarted Disco Elysium after only completing the first day before and had a very good weekend with it. I must have picked a different starting build because my new day 1 was totally different to my first, it’s pretty impressive.

Got to be one of the buggiest games I’ve ever played. I’ve had Kim totally disappear, the camera break and not focus on the characters, dice roll percentages not appearing and not being able to save! That one was especially worrying as my previous save was at least 2 hours old. And just now Kim says he needs to talk to me and I can see the bouncing speech bubble, but can’t interact with him at all. Tried saving/reloading/fast travel, nothing works. I think I need to speak to him tk trigger the next part of the quest working class husband/corpse

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Its true. Its got great environments, combat and level progression. The story doesn’t hit the highs of the ps1 era but then none of the post ps1 games do. It’s a damn sight more fun than 10 and 15, and 13 doesn’t exist

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I’ve tried to play some FF games in the last couple of years. Got 1-2 hours into 7, 7R and 10 but none of them have stuck yet. Got 9 on sale this week though and enjoying it much more, 4 hours in.

Got the new WWE game and it’s excellent. Some of the little touches are lovely.

Shame video games still can’t do hair

Yeah its really good. Like being able to customise your created wrestlers AI and little things like how stables will team up together in the royal rumble.

Gameplay is a lot better than the last tome i played (2k19) adding combos helps it feel slightly more arcadeyand much smoother to play. Sound design is loads better to l. All the moves have impacelt and dont feel floaty at all.

Lots of modes too reckon there is at least 30 to 40hrs of gameplay for most and hundereds more for twinkers as the creation tools are awesome and the good booking tools

Bought the last gen version by accident though. Bloody 2k not allowingg smart delivery or easy upgrade path. Then again its way cheaper than the next gen version which is hideously expensive

Very good wwe game though

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Playing Midnight Suns. I hate it. I hate it so much. I hate that they gave Firaxis these demi-gods and their struggle and this is the dialogue they wrote for them. Please give me more of the actual combat thank you.

Imagine coming up with this shit and going ‘hell yeah. This is awesome. This is so flerkin’ awesome’


Yeah i dunno what it is it juat feels way noee fkuid than older games and you get to di silly stuff backstage again and it doesnt feel like a fucking chore to do it whicj it nost certainly did with Yukes

And the sound/commentary/play models are just so much better

Started Ratchet and Clank on the ps5 and it’s obviously an incredibly well made game, and miles more inventive than Tsushima which I’ve just finished. But… I can’t be arsed with it? I don’t know why, fairly sure it’s a me problem and it’s annoying me.

it’s basically mario odyssey but even more fun and good to look at, yet it hasn’t grabbed me at all :man_shrugging:

idk why they thought any of the abbey stuff was a good idea. do love the missions though

Tommy Tallerico is absolutely fascinating. There’s another video on YouTube about him that’s well worth watching. About the Ooft sound from Roblox.

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Best month for game releases in the UK in your memory? March 2005 for me.

Metal Gear Solid 3, Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry 3, and Gran Turismo 4 all in the same month.

Remember it being a big wowza after PS2 had a bit of a dull 2004.

Although that was also the month my friend accidentally hit me around the head with a micro scooter and i had to get stitches. Then a weekend later i traded my ps2 for an xbox with halo 2, beat it, realised I’d made a mistake and got my ps2 back the next day but had to re buy most my games.

This is two hours long but it’s astonishingly well researched and compelling viewing.

It’s properly unbelievable how much of a grifter Tommy Tallerico actually is. After this video was published in November he effectively went into hiding.


I have no idea if Tommy actually made it, but ‘his’ Tomorrow Never Dies ps1 soundtrack is a banger

Might watch this again. So great.


Kim disappeared again. Carried on, hoping that starting a new day would bring him back. It did, but I still can’t speak to him. So I think my save is fucked. Deeply, deeply annoying.

This game looks so good…


Valkria Chronicles on PS3 is pretty good