Gaming 2023

Had a look at The Silver Case which I have had on my external PS hard drive for ages. That was 2 hours ago. Now, this is a visual novel, it is dated but it is incredibly absorbing. Fantastic music and rich atmosphere, really has drawn me in. The controls are difficult yet I am just beginning to accept them. I have absolutely no idea what is going on.

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Was curious about that after Paradise Killer. Still not sure how much of a pure visual novel guy I am but I am also super curious about early Suda51

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I love Killer7 and think it is a true masterpiece. I can no longer play it as I do not have a GameCube any longer or a Windows PC for Steam. That led me to buy both The Silver Case and The 25th Ward on PlayStation when they were on sale ages ago. I started looking at the 25th Ward but felt I should go for the first game (The Silver Ward). There is initially an annoying typewriter sound, but that began to subside as the game really drew me in. I began to get the controls, they are pure Suda51 insanity and outdated but they are Killer7 in style. I am now stuck but that level of immersion is off the scale great. I would definitely recommend this.

played it on switch. enjoyed it. remember a lot of desperately trying to clip a few polygons of an enemy’s jacket around a wall. some of the levels - esp the ones where there’s like a big fuck off bastard tank causing carnage and you’ve got to sort it out are really fun.

Lol. They need to start making anouncer packs

Anyone else getting hype for CS 2?

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Still just clicking heads though, isn’t it

They’ve still not fixed this. Kind of hoping it’ll get a huge price drop to reflect this and then cross my fingers that it gets better later, but it’s EA, so nae chance

yes and no. somehow put over 250 hours into CSGO in 2021, but I’m not really sure I enjoyed much of it? my m9s who play it are all like global elite or at least former global elite, and its not that fun being the only person on the team who massively sucks in comparison.

remember spending a few evenings practicing throwing smoke grenades at certain pixels in a training mod, and ended up thinking ‘wtf am I doing with my life, man’. its also comfortably the most toxic game I’ve ever played. worse than competitive rocket league, a lot worse than overwatch. I used to really enjoy just chilling on the 24 man CS Source dust2 servers back in the day (Teesside University server was the greatest), but no one does that any more and its all just sweaty af comp games.

Yeah ofc I’m going to play it, but I’m not happy about it.

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the hacking problem is ridiculous too. just had a look at my match history and about half have players with vac bans lol.

actually, it’s Koei Tecmo, so you’re fucked. EA have, for their sins, actually be Pretty Great recently, and have been on a hot streak. Gives me hope for skate. (Skate 4) and Mass Effect 4.

i finished Wolfenstein: The New Order, so to those who reccomended it, thank you. I didn’t have The Old Blood downloaded, and a review said it was more stealth based, so I queued it up but while it was downloading I started Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

Never played one though my flat mate at the time played them while I was around, I think. Back on the shared 360, you understand.

Anyway, god damn it is repetitive. In the first 30 minutes I felt like I’d seen the whole thing and, after a quite check with my mate, his response was “yeah, i’ve never finished one of them as they get very repetitive”.

saved me 10 hours there.

I only started properly playing again recently and I agree with a lot of this, although I do think the comp games have chilled out a bit because a lot of the more experienced players have moved on to other platforms like faceit or game club which have anti-cheat software that’s actually somewhat effective.

If you want to just run around and shoot without pressure the casual mode is still fairly good although it does seem to draw in the occasional hacker and match-making seems to be a bit more balanced as far as placing you with people of a similar ability.

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Love Gears 1 tbh. Just great turn your brain off action

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tbh a few of the people I play with were usually the instigators of the toxic behavior lol. dunno if he remembers but @harru joined me and one of the main offenders for some overwatch once and I was like ‘can you not just tone down the complaining and insults for a few games with my pal harru m8’.

can’t imagine how bad it was during the ukraine invasion. swear half the game is comprised of russian and ukrainian players.

Valve have an issue with theor multiplayer games being infiltrated ny the worst poswible community. All of them become racist meme farms filled with bots an cheaters

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Lego 2K Drive looks pretty neat. Most importantly you can build your cars from scratch and also use it to smash the sets to pieces. Also seems to be all original characters (for now).

Not entirely certain what’s going on in Crash Team Rumble but it’s doesn’t seem very exciting.

Would genuinely say it’s more like 70% :sweat_smile: I honestly think there’s a difference in style as well RU/UKR players seem to mostly focus on mirage and inferno, whereas swedes/danes seem to like vertigo and overpass

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Nuke too. Rushing B is easier done on Mirage though.

fave map?

Still love dust2 and italy but italy never seemed to be in active duty. nuke is great imo. I’m really shit on mirage for some reason, though. it’s a deceptively open map and there’s too many places you can get picked off easily or flanked.

Is the Lego thing like an open world racer? Not just a cart game?