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What gaming podcasts you listening to, huns?

I have been a fan of Remap Radio (formerly Waypoint Radio - was part of Vice, now independent) going back many years now. In depth analysis of mostly new games and also covering a lot of industry news particularly from a left-leaning and labour focused perspective. I’m considering dropping it though because of one major issue - the runtimes. Episodes are frequently 2-3 hours long and while they do usually post timestamps so I can skip ahead to games or topics I’m interested in, I still think there’s an awful lot of waffle they could cut out. They won’t do it though, it’s something they regularly joke about and almost a point of pride at this stage, but imo they would vastly improve with more ruthless editing. The current panel isn’t quite as engaging as previous ones too imo.

I started dipping into the archives of Cane and Rinse a while back after seeing it get mentioned on here frequently. Each episode covers one game (or sometimes a series or console) in depth. It’s a great listen usually, they have a great selection of panelists that rotate and it’s generally quite a lovely laid back knowledgable discussion. I went back to the start of it in 2011 and have slowly been making my way through the episodes for games I’ve played. I’m up to 2021 now and it’s been great getting to the more recent ones and hearing some familiar names from here pop up in the listener reviews! :smiley:

Interested to hear about what else yous have going on. I’m sort of in the market for something to replace Remap that covers the latest releases but a bit more concisely. Some I’ve been meaning to try out but haven’t gotten round to are Nextlander and The Back Page.

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I’ve been a big fan of the Crate and Crowbar for a long time but it feels like it’s winding down now. Still enjoy it when they get round to doing episodes - now they’re all weary near middle-aged guys they very much match my energy - but it’d be nice to listen to a podcast by people with time to play games (and, y’know, make regular episodes) so I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread. Could also do without 2-3 hour runtimes though!

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I like One Life Left


Dip in and out of this one.


The Back Page is just fantastic, though I don’t get on with the games media episodes that much. Patreon stuff is decent too.

The Besties is quite good for light hearted new release reviews, and rarely more than an hour long. Have started to find one of them a touch grating recently though.


My favourite these day is Axe of the Blood God, RPG specific podcast

Also like insert credit, the Tim Rogers podcast though sometimes they do try too hard to be funny

used to also really like Three Moves Ahead a strategy games podcast when Rob Zacny was hosting it

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Nextlander is good though also about 2 hours long I think, been listening to them since the old GiantBomb days for about gosh 15 years now I guess so it’s comforting.

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I enjoy the weekly updates from The Computer Game Show as well as The Besties (which has already been mentioned already). I dip in and out of Triple Click which has a strange vibe of being like a daytime TV version of a gaming podcast.


Remap is my go to, but tbh I am there for the long episodes and love that they will talk for 30 mins about coffee machines so never want them to edit it.

Something Rotton is really good, the latest season on Disco Elysium was a great listen.

The Games Press with Chris Bratt is good too, only updates very irregularly but always enjoy them.

Dropped off most of the others, stick with the people I have listened to more almost a decade about these.

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+1s on Remap, Insert Credit, and Triple Click.

Big fan of the Back Page Podcast for the 2000s UK game magazine vibes.

My Perfect Console has some incredible interviews. It’s more about the interviewee’s relationship to games generally rather than about games as such, but that’s often more interesting anyway.

Also recently been listening to Aftermath Hours, which is the main podcast for, which is a games media co-op run by a bunch of very talented ex-Kotaku folks.

Occasionally listen to Cane & Rinse episodes for games I’ve played but only really if I’ve run out of everything else.

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Oh also really liked Ellie Gibson & Keza MacDonald’s short-lived podcast Extra Life from 2021, but it only lasted 12 episodes. Nice to have a decent games podcast without a single male host tho. :upside_down_face:


Regular listener and Patreon supporter to Backpage Podcast, The Computer Game Show and Cane&Rinse.

Sometimes listen to the IGN UK and NVC shows too, depending on the game releases they’re discussing.

Bonfireside Chat for Dark Souls was fun for a while.

My Perfect Console is also decent, but I have to be in the mood for it.

Its ya boi Sage and Onion Kniiiight

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Perfect Tuesday work lunchtime fare, that, for some reason

The Game That Changed My Life (iirc) was good on the BBC which (again iirc) was Ellie and Aoife Wilson

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This was always my problem with Waypoint, lots of waffle and an annoying amount of it about how important the work theyre doing is

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Ooh I hadn’t heard of this. Thanks for the tip. :pray:

Looking forward to going through all the games I’ve played on the Cane and Rinse podcast. Will be good for all the walks I’m going on given I still can’t pick up a controller without pain for more than 10 mins. Right now I’m wondering if I’ll ever get back to it again which is a depressing state of affairs.