Gaming thread spin-off: What games would make a good film/TV series

If done well, of course. Maybe suggest a particular method of adaptation, actors playing key roles or a specific director.

I think now would be a good time to make Majora’s Mask into a film…at least before Groundhog Day clones (such as Happy Death Day, Source Code and Edge of Tomorrow) become too common, because I think the film would translate well into that structure. Keep Link as a silent protagonist. Would be tempting to have David Lynch direct, given the themes and tone. I would have initially said live-action, too…but recently I caught this experimental trailer which I think is pretty great (despite hammy monologue/voice acting):


Reckon you could make a decent televised sport out of whatever FIFAs based on.


Why do all my threads…


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Farming Simulator 19

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Ignore me, just had to get my ‘joke’ in before the serious answers.

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The Papers Please short film was good. That, but longer.

Imagine Colin McRae driving a rally car but in real life


Tony Hawk but he’s a real man.

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Control would make for a pretty baller x files season

Sort of related but I absolutely loved the Smackdown PS1 game before I’d ever seen any wrestling on TV, then when I eventually started watching it it seemed really shit in comparison


Dragon Quest

It’s probably already got a series in japan

Contra 1987.

Starring: Rob McElhenny (from It’s Always Sunny fame) and Joaquin Phoenix (25 pounds of muscle added)

Directed By: Nicholas Winding Refn

Rated: NC-17


Pretty surprised that the original Gears trilogy hasn’t been suggested for this. Feel like it would be a hit with the “macho sci-fi Bros”

Surprised no tv exec has greenlit a footnote tv show heavily influenced by the roster teeth series ‘red vs blue’

Pretty sure they’ve tried this but it never made it out the door. The attempts at doing it with Halo weren’t super well recieved at all

Both could be extremely cringe but Mass Effect/Dragon Age.

I would literally die to have a serialised crime show where it’s Garrus on the citadel in C-Sec solving a different crime each episode. To be honest that would be my dream game - LA Noire crossed with Mass Effect 1.


I got it! A series talking about all the crazy shit that happens on eve online. Like how a war in that game whiped millions from the actual global ecconomy

Surprised they never turned Goldeneye into a film


Oh, weird. Though, in the case of Gears particularly, I guess they cram enough of the lore into the game/cutscenes anyway, would a film actually add anything

(not that film execs work on any other logic than :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:)