Gaming thread

I would like you to participate.

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I would like to reiterate that the new Deus Ex is good and worthy of your time if you’ve been weighing it up

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I will like this post.

I enjoyed Inside and would like to repeat that it is a game of the year candidate for me.

The Witcher DLCs also float my boat.

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I agree with this summation, with the proviso you are able to ignore the clumsy themes and the fact the main character is a piece of plywood with a scowl scribbled on it.

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I would like to share that my n3DS will not read my Xenoblade Chronicles cartridge :frowning:. However, it plays other carts fine.

I shall be be trying various YouTube home remedies later!

Many thanks.

The dialogue and vocal performances are amazingly dry. I’m choosing to believe it’s a deliberate meta choice or something.

I am unclear as to whether you refer to the aforementioned game Deus Ex, or to the content of this very thread.

Bloodbornes still

no matter what anyone else says, it is good.


Back on Bloodborne in a big way at the moment. Exploring chalice dungeons as I’d not spent that much time in them in previous runs and it seems like a good way to rebuild my stash of blood vials after it was throughly depleted by Ludwig and Maria…
They’re not a patch on the main areas, but I do enjoy the creepiness of them. The sound design is brilliant at points with enemies audibly creeping around out of sight. Probably the tensest atmosphere outside of Upper Cathedral Ward.

Where you at?

currently attempting to defeat Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos. I’m somewhere in the nightmare frontier as well.

Hardest boss in the main game I reckon. Good luck!

I see what you did there

I would like to make you all aware of two Indie games that are worthy of your attention: Below, a mysterious game which many of you will nonetheless probably have already heard of, and Future Unfolding, a gorgeous, strikingly colourful exploration-based game.

the hardest boss? shit. I did get completely destroyed the first few times I attempted but then as I was about to give up I did a fair amount of damage. now I’m way overconfindent about my chances, I think.

Little Nightmares also looks pretty interesting.

May I also put forward the new Hitman as a contender for game of the year?

You’re talking about The Butcher of Blovkin, aren’t you?

Can we please ban all Bloodborne/Dark Souls chat from these new boards

(formerly shadyadie)

You have my blessing

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