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Eh? Which boss is this? Seath?

Are you looking for high routes? I’m trying for a stealth/no kills playthrough and have got to the royal conservatory using pretty much only far reach and dark vision as powers, although it’s been quite slow work. Mostly found heading upwards with far reach to be a good option on the levels so far.

i have it on the Vita - i liked it but wasn’t very good at it, and there was a level where you had to do lots of fighting enemies along with some lava/fire and i tried it a few times, failed miserably and never played it since.

should get the remastered version on PS4 at some point and give it another go, but it feels like it might end up free on Plus so holding off. downloaded the GR2 demo but haven’t played it yet.

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Yes! We should start a Gaming Thread 2017 because this is a bit silly.


Oh blimey!

Do people want to give this a try?

Yep. Aced it, but not in a way that felt satisfying.

Yeah heading up has worked well for a lot of things, but I’ve also found some places (like in a later level where there are 8 very hostile ladies out to get you) that stealth is pretty much impossible. Wondering if stealth in 1st person is always flawed as you can’t see where your body is if that makes sense.

Makes total sense. It’s really hard to have any context of whether or not you can been seen in first person. Am not thrilled to know I’m going to get stuck soon. It’s been slow going getting as far as I have…:thinking:

is No Man’s Sky as bad as everyone says? still reckon i could get into just flying around space a bit.

It’s meant to be loads better since they updated but I haven’t played it since a week or so after release. Probs worth a pop at £20 or whatever you can get it for now.

still 40 quid on steam.

Ooft, probs would avoid until a sale in that case.

I think my failure to take to it is down to my own expectations more than the game’s failing in fairness, I wanted some kind of central narrative and there basically isn’t one in the slightest. If you go in considering it basically a walking simulator in space (with mining and upgrading elements) and that sounds appealing to you then you’ll probably enjoy it.

hmmmmm :confused:

I haven’t gone near No Man’s Sky, but this looks to me like it’s exactly the whole problem with it - it was always going to disappoint the masses because of the whole hype/expectations thing and I’ve heard plenty of people say they actually managed to get a decent 10-20 hours out of it before getting bored.

Seems to me if they’d been able to manage people’s expectations better it wouldn’t’ have been nearly as badly received, because there must be some reasonable gameplay in there somewhere for quite a few people to get that much out of it.

Tbf it’s missing a lot of features and the trailer on steam is still a mock up and not representative of the final product.

Don’t get me wrong, I assign no blame at all on why people got over-hyped for it… just stating the fact that the reaction was inevitable as it was never going to deliver.

Yeah, at least as aggressive. I played and enjoyed it for about 10hours but when I fell off I fell off hard, first few planets was exhilarating but then you see the same handful of skins and prefab creatures and this goes leaving you to realize that the game isn’t close to being what was promised on both a technical level and gameplay level. Also the less said about the ending the better

so there is an ending? so there must be some kind of story, no?!

Uhhhh barely and the ending is reaching the center which was meant to reveal this amazing event, it doesn’t, feel free to look yourself. The story is made up of a handful of logs and vague objectives that don’t impact the game at all and is completely avoidable