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Took down the Duke this morning - possibly the weakest boss fight so far? Just stuck by the left tail and slashed away, occasionally having to heal when I got crystalled and the frame rate plummeted. Archives was a terrific area though.

I don’t have the expansion pack. I believe it introduces a new area and has vehicles and guns. But I prefer to go on foot and smack them with melee weapons so I haven’t bothered with it. If it ever goes below a tenner i might.

I always let my games patch automatically. I can see why it would be a pain in the ass with a slow internet connection. But I do it on PC so idk

Ah fair, think it has the whole game anyway, I’ll gfive it a go this weekend!

my internet’s normally fine but the patching on this is dead slow. It seems to do it gradually, I’ll just play. not really fussed about any extras

I would keep them patched tbh

The last patch notes were:

Patch 1.10 release notes
Legend system:
New skill tree unlocked after maxing one of the base skill trees
Nightmare difficulty level
Bounties system
New weapons: firearms, melee, crossbow
New parkour moves animations added
Improved human enemy AI
Improved Volatile AI
New NPC models
Enhanced facial expressions
Post process effect customization - sepia, black&white, poster + other effects
Audio upgrades
Valve Anti Cheat support added
Select community created maps added into the game

DrinkForDLC content:
New quest in Old Town
Water balloon item for more powerful electricity effect on zombies
Two new water challenges
Support for Dying Light: The Following Expansion Pack
Various stability improvements, including co-op
Various balance tweaks: player development, economy and weapons / crafting balance
Improved fighting against human enemies and virals

I’m really struggling with Dishonored 2. I loved the first game and I really really WANT to love D2 but I’m not actually feeling it. I’m playing as Emily and I’m playing all stealthy (or trying to) but I’m finding it an incredibly frustrating experience…

I love the IDEA of a lot of the skills (especially domino) but I’m finding them hard to use in practice. You need to be fairly close to an enemy to domino them and you need line of sight too which means that most of the time they manage to see me while I’m lining it up and I end up scrapping with them.

Any thoughts/advice/succor?

I’m playing as Carvo and I feel similar struggles. I think I might be setting myself too many challenges - I’m learning the controls and the game as I go so I shouldn’t be pushing myself to be perfect immediately. It strikes me that it’s meant to be a bit frustrating in the early stages.

Having played Fallout4 almost nonstop for eight months, it’s quite a nice relief to be free of the Geiger counter clicking all the time you open bins and things…

Does anyone think it’d be worth starting a new Games Thread? This one’s massive.

Maybe, maybe make this one the darksouls loser thread and hope they bloat the next one #safetywink


Eh? Which boss is this? Seath?

Are you looking for high routes? I’m trying for a stealth/no kills playthrough and have got to the royal conservatory using pretty much only far reach and dark vision as powers, although it’s been quite slow work. Mostly found heading upwards with far reach to be a good option on the levels so far.

i have it on the Vita - i liked it but wasn’t very good at it, and there was a level where you had to do lots of fighting enemies along with some lava/fire and i tried it a few times, failed miserably and never played it since.

should get the remastered version on PS4 at some point and give it another go, but it feels like it might end up free on Plus so holding off. downloaded the GR2 demo but haven’t played it yet.

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Yes! We should start a Gaming Thread 2017 because this is a bit silly.


Oh blimey!

Do people want to give this a try?

Yep. Aced it, but not in a way that felt satisfying.

Yeah heading up has worked well for a lot of things, but I’ve also found some places (like in a later level where there are 8 very hostile ladies out to get you) that stealth is pretty much impossible. Wondering if stealth in 1st person is always flawed as you can’t see where your body is if that makes sense.

Makes total sense. It’s really hard to have any context of whether or not you can been seen in first person. Am not thrilled to know I’m going to get stuck soon. It’s been slow going getting as far as I have…:thinking:

is No Man’s Sky as bad as everyone says? still reckon i could get into just flying around space a bit.

It’s meant to be loads better since they updated but I haven’t played it since a week or so after release. Probs worth a pop at £20 or whatever you can get it for now.

still 40 quid on steam.

Ooft, probs would avoid until a sale in that case.

I think my failure to take to it is down to my own expectations more than the game’s failing in fairness, I wanted some kind of central narrative and there basically isn’t one in the slightest. If you go in considering it basically a walking simulator in space (with mining and upgrading elements) and that sounds appealing to you then you’ll probably enjoy it.