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I haven’t gone near No Man’s Sky, but this looks to me like it’s exactly the whole problem with it - it was always going to disappoint the masses because of the whole hype/expectations thing and I’ve heard plenty of people say they actually managed to get a decent 10-20 hours out of it before getting bored.

Seems to me if they’d been able to manage people’s expectations better it wouldn’t’ have been nearly as badly received, because there must be some reasonable gameplay in there somewhere for quite a few people to get that much out of it.

Tbf it’s missing a lot of features and the trailer on steam is still a mock up and not representative of the final product.

Don’t get me wrong, I assign no blame at all on why people got over-hyped for it… just stating the fact that the reaction was inevitable as it was never going to deliver.

Yeah, at least as aggressive. I played and enjoyed it for about 10hours but when I fell off I fell off hard, first few planets was exhilarating but then you see the same handful of skins and prefab creatures and this goes leaving you to realize that the game isn’t close to being what was promised on both a technical level and gameplay level. Also the less said about the ending the better

so there is an ending? so there must be some kind of story, no?!

Uhhhh barely and the ending is reaching the center which was meant to reveal this amazing event, it doesn’t, feel free to look yourself. The story is made up of a handful of logs and vague objectives that don’t impact the game at all and is completely avoidable

If you want to float about in space consider rebel galaxy instead.

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I still find it gorgeous and an inherently relaxing experience but it’s definitely not for everyone. Loads better after the updates though.

Hey @anon5266188, having a brexit related problem in fm17. It’s finally come into effect, I got the 13 foreign players limit one that works ‘instead of the current work permit system’.

so ahead of this I’ve got 3 awesome kids who couldn’t get work permits in my squad, but now the window has opened it still has the red ‘wp’ warning next to them, and i seem to have to try and get them work permits. Is there some loophole thing I’ve missed here like needing to give them new contracts or do i just have to wait till I can apply for the wps and they’ll automatically get one? Or am I fucked and these guys can never play for my epic youthful Fulham team as we wreak havoc on the Europa League?

You’ll need to loan them out of move them to an affiliate until they’re eligible for WPs, you can only apply once every 120 days. Soz!

Ah crap, so i managed to get one of them, but gonna have to wait for 3 months for my better two players.
Cheers though

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Nioh is really hard. I’m in some cave very early in the game, I keep dying. I feel like I die more than I do in DS. At least in that, I mostly only die on bosses.

I started playing Neverwinter again, I don’t even know why but I’m really enjoying it. I think it’s the grind.

First season of The Walking Dead was pretty rad too.

Is that the cave with the bats? If so, I burst out laughing the first time those fuckers incrementally knocked me off a ledge to my death. I think that area is the first real difficulty spike - the boss is a doozy - one of those you only defeat when you’re at the point you are taking almost no hits from.

I’m several missions into the second area of the map now. Combat feels just wonderfully fluid by this stage - busting out ki pulses and weapon skills makes me feel like a… ninja. Definitely dying more than in Souls though. Had a moment the other day where I came across a new form of Yokai, sized it up, feeling ready to brawl, then got pummelled to death by 6 consecutive punches :smiley:

Haha yeah, I loved the bats as well. They are so cheesy :smiley:

I am finding my way around, however, I can’t shake the feeling that the levels aren’t as fluid as DS. Pretty sure it’s because they aren’t part of an open world and that’s it.

I’m still in love with the combat. I think I need to get my Ki pulses down a little more.

So cheesy, but a proper “ok, you got me, fair play” moment.

Current level I’m on has wonderful design - lots of broken walkways with shrines in sight but out of reach, smart use of vertical space, clever ambushes - as good as DS on an individual level basis. But I agree there is nothing that compares to that “ohhhhhh shit, I’m back here?!” feeling that you get in Dark Souls (the original, in particular) with the interconnected world. Certainly nothing comes close to that bit in Bloodborne where you climb up the ladder from the woods and wind up back at Iosefka’s.

I found the best way to nail Ki pulses is to unlock all the skills which allow you to pulse through dodging - then it’s much more a fluid part of your combat rhythm.

Noted! I thought I’d been doing it all this time but looks like I haven’t at all. Mostly I don’t get into trouble with it though, it’s just about being calm.

I’ve not even unlocked magic yet. I’m really taking my time with it haha.

I’ve not done too much with magic. It sounds like a few elements of it are significantly overpowered so I don’t want to become reliant on those and then see them patched out! Mainly just using it to set my sword on fire :slight_smile:

So Nioh then, may have been trying to play it without healing, unaware that that’s what the elixirs were :unamused:

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