Gammons on Parade

If football was on the BLM protests would have happened and had a similar attendance.

This absolutely wouldn’t have been organised


bbc news website reporting:

vs RTE (irish state broadcaster):



leader of antifa pictured there, get him boys


Apparently they now see the police as bad because they let people protest last week and weren’t violent enough. (see responses to priti patels recent tweet if you really want to poison your eyes)


so for full context they’re attacking cops for not being violent


i think we have largely failed to take seriously the objective fact that there is a well organized fascist underground in the UK, and it has very influential sympathizers in downing street. every so often you read about some random group who get busted plotting an attack or doing a hate crime like national action the other week, but mostly we just pretend it isn’t there. there’s a lot i really want to say but i have had a couple of beers and i need to find my words. but yeah the kind of show of force we’re seeing in london today starts with very well targeted memes, media ops and disinformation that a network of well financed right wing groups put out there. and because the british lumpen and petty bourgeoisie are extraordinarily well socially conditioned to a degree rivalled only by maybe their contemporaries in the US, they are extremely receptive to a certain kind of white supremacist messaging and primed to explode when the moment calls for it.


I didn’t see the mexican wrestler / liverpool gimp in the background!


Biker gangs for one thing are mostly dismissed as piss up hobbyists but they promote and act on genuine neo nazi ideologies even if they’ve more in common with a steak bake than sons of anarchy, and they’re in every town in the country


This would be a good subject of a great podcast episode.


honestly this is like huffing glue

Looking at their age/demographics wise if these guys do get the virus it’s going to kick their fucking arses too


This brings me on to this:

We really need to get away from this idea that these “aren’t football fans” when they’ve literally labelled themselves as a united front from various clubs coming together to… Protect The UK? Fight ANTIFA?

While they may not fit with the ultimate vision of where we’d like football and by extension society to be, denying that football is one of (if not) the major things unifying them ignores and denies that there is a problem with football and by extension society.


Yeah I think the point (that they use football as a thing to congregate around and care more about that than the sport) is correct but the language implies that it isn’t anything to do with football and football has no role in sorting it out. Which is balls


Just got back from the Brighton march, there were about 20-30 EDL or similar “protecting” the war memorial, in turn surrounded by police. Pretty sad display


Will never happen but would be nice if the media admitted to some responsibility for enabling these horrible attitudes by painting White British “culture” as being under attack all the time wouldn’t it


Sure, but it’s very easy to be misconstrued

yes, i grew up in a very multicultural city but i knew lots of NF and BNP types who were typical working class/bougie types who nevertheless engaged “intellectually” with stuff like mein kampf and the turner diaries. it is shocking in hindsight how normal it was to see nordic symbols and lightning bolts painted on the shutters of minority-owned businesses, growing up.

then look at something like guido fawkes, paul staines openly brags about financing guns for the contras and pro-apartheid actions, and the media class use him as a source for stories anyway. tommy robinson is another character whose presence on the national scene is in no way organic, check his ties to quillam, and he is reliably deployed at certain moments to lets say muddy the waters around certain issues.


Just so, so glad BLM called it off today becuase it shows that these guys will operate like this even with nothing to ~provoke~ them. Really feels like the right call and smart foresight to have pulled out and said “you know what? Maybe it’s not worth putting our protestors in danger and the negative press we’ll get”.


Sorry @Aggpass just realised you’re making the same point essentially

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the sheer volume of BLM would’ve made it get very out of hand too, they’d have swallowed the lads and the police easily (by accident even in terms of crowding) and it would’ve got ugly fast