Gang Gang Dance

oh shit. gang gang


About time! :heart:GGD


Awesome. Cant wait for this. Was just listening to SD the other day and thinking how underrated it was

Forgot these guys existed, this is good news

Gah this new single is really lovely.

Helllll yeeee

So happy about this news! :smiley:

Had just assumed they’d called it a day.


I want it to be bad so I can reply with ‘GANG GANG PANTS, MORE LIKE!!!’

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I had Eye Contact on heavy rotation back in 2011…but haven’t listened to them in years. Toward the end…I kind of felt they had a gorgeous sound, but the songs weren’t all that memorable

pre ordered the new record

Used to be one of my absolute favorite live bands but I always felt they never quite captured that on record. Still looking forward to this though.

Lizzi’s voice on this is fantastic, so hyped for this new record.

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Can’t believe I missed this thread! How exciting.

Hope they tour over here again. Saw them a whole bunch of times BITD and they were always incredible.

Bloody great band aren’t they

This new album is very good!

One of the best live bands I’ve ever seen.

When’s the album out?