Gang Gang Dance




Enjoyed the new one on first listen. Though it’s not as banger-filled as Lotus might have lead you to hope/believe.


i hated them when i was a teenager but i’m listening to that new album and wondering why cos its fucking great

critics talking out their arses


Surprised there’s not much hype about this, seems fairly low key? DiS boards were all over them last album. This one is good, but looks like it takes a few plays to really sink in.


has it got shitey reviews? First new record in ages where I haven’t looked at a single review, feels kind of refreshing
Enjoying it so far anyway


got 5/10 on here and some stinkers elsewhere.


Sat in the park listening to it the other day, was very nice. Plethora of different rhythms and a smorgasbord of textures and sounds.

Good summer record.


I’m really enjoying it, think it’s definitely a grower. Would love to see them live so hoping they tour over here once they’re done in America at the end of the year.


Everyone still into this? Definitely one of my faves of the year


I forgot to listen to this when it came out - remedying now…


Thought the album was fine - maybe a little mellow, like it when they go full throttle.

Wish they’d announce some UK shows though…


Yeah, need a London show announcement.

One of the best live bands out there.


This is good! Haven’t listened to them for ten years!


So had a few listens to this and it is fairly lovely isn’t it. Very calming, although that said the title track is something of a banger.

Never seen them live despite rinsing Eye Contact and Saint Dympha back in the day. UK dates please :+1:


that last song is really festive (and sounds like cocteau twins)