Gantt Charts


Anyone ever made a Gantt Chart? I’m gonna do one for my uni work cos I don’t know how to keep on top of everything.


compulsory for my third year proposal/planning. never looked at it after i handed it in. tutor said it wasn’t detailed enough because i’d only labeled bars/used a key, like he was expecting 1000 words to go along with it


In Newcastle they say “I’m Gantt to make a chart”


You stupid Gantt!



have I ever used one? no.


Yup. Every project will have one - usually an overall one for the whole project and then a detailed on for the construction phase, prepared by the contractor.


Yep, at a-levels

Then a colleague made me program a spreadsheet to automate one based on various inputs but then never used it and I’ve not thought about them since. Thanks for dragging these memories up