Gap Year (TV Show on E4)

we all looking forward to this? looks amazing doesn’t it. yes. and it’s that humourous bloke off of alan partridge. can’t wait, personally.

The supporting cast for this is ridiculous:

Robert Bathurst!

yay, jook!

who are any of these people

Relentlessly upbeat Brit Greg (Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Tim Key, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, I Give It A Year) is trying to relive the highs of the Gap Year he nailed in the late 90s, refusing to deal with his crumbling marriage, business and life in generaL

This will be me in 10 years.

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I was going to ^ this this, but then I realised it’s very unlikely I’ll become relentlessly upbeat any time soon

find tim key really grating

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yeah i really don’t get his ‘schtick’ tbh, it’s weak

Hes one of those comedians people say they love without ever seeing him (daniel kitson)