Garden Wildlife Audit 🦔

This thread is brought to you by the foxes who visited our garden earlier in the week.

What wildlife have you seen in your garden? Only interested in the garden of your current residence, and would like to know the size (small/medium/large/field) and type (city/town/countryside/whatever) of garden. It may also be worth noting if your garden contains any meaningful water habitat.

Here, dating back to 1993 we have had at some stage or another in our small, town located garden:
Some sort of ferret or weasel type thing.
Birds of the following confirmed kinds: sparrow, blue tit, great tit, robin, starling, collared dove, pigeon, magpie and sparrowhawk.
Birds of unconfirmed species numbering at least four, possibly including long-tailed tits and some sort of warbler.
A probably quite standard selection of insects and arachnids.

Would do polls, but would only end up missing a load of animals and feeling silly.

He popped onto our garden but only got this photo


Great idea for a thread.

Live in a terraced house in the inner city, so the garden’s pretty small. Get some fairly standard city birds (sparrows, pigeons, magpies, gulls, collared doves).

More surprisingly, I’ve also seen a slow worm there, and frogs (despite not being particularly near any water as far as I know).

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Need to remember to do this. Bet none of them come visit because we are watching out for them.

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Always get quite emotional when I see a hedgehog or fox, has only happened a few times in my life
Once saw a stoat on the embankment
Nanas garden used to be good for frogs and goldfinches

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Got this absolute lad of a fox who doesn’t give a fuck about anything and just chills in the middle of the grass making you walk around him.

And some magpies, squirrels etc

Can hear a woodpecker sometimes

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Where’s the best place to see foxes in London?

:fox_face: :bird: :cat: :mouse: :hedgehog:

:rofl: :joy:

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Get a LOT of foxes as we back onto the green belt. Some frogs/toads too as we have a stream at the bottom of the garden. It’s always fun looking at all the different footprints on the lawn when there’s been snow overnight.




a really freaky caterpillar once




Loads of birds, to wit:

robins (possibly gay robins - always thought the male robin was supposed to be solitary and quite lairy, but these two are hanging round together all the time)
blue tits
occasional bullfinch
a jay once in a while
a sparrowhawk once

Also a small psychopathic terrier that wants to eat all of the above (technically she lives in the house but never mind)


saw a rat in the garden at my bf’s this morning

at mine -
mice (inferred from my cat bringing them in occasionally)
occasional hedgehogs
my dad claims he’s seen foxes, i’ve seen them around but not in the garden
various tits (ooh-err) - blue, coal, great, long-tailed
various finches - green, gold, chaff
collared doves
used to get a peregrine falcon visiting occasionally to pluck and dismember said woodpigeons
red kites (seen overhead)
ring-necked parakeets (seen overhead)
crows and other crow-like things (can’t tell the difference)
saw a weasel cross the road in front of my house once
all the usual garden invertebrates but also miner bees

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Haven’t got a garden but within 100m of my flat (in a city, not far from the centre) I’ve seen a badger and what I believe to be a steppe polecat. Exciting stuff.

Back home my mum’s garden had bats, the odd grass snake, weasels, hedgehogs, toads, foxes, mice, squirrels for days, all sorts as it backed onto a park. Even had a baby deer come up to the fence one day and stick its head through the gap :heart_eyes:

Wish I had a garden.


If it is any consolation I will almost certainly not have a garden in the next place I live.


I may have shared this before but here’s a little friend a made on the fifth floor of a multi storey car park in Lake Tahoe. I fed it Pringles.


the males and females look very similar so they aren’t necessarily both males.

Lots of pigeons
Blue Tits
Some cat belonging to a neighbour
Some squirrels (think they aren’t in our roof space anymore)
An owl of sorts occasionally
Probably mice and rats

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There’s a ton of trees where I live (the suburb is a conservation area even though it’s almost inner city) and our garden is a huge shared garden so lots of stuff living here and we have some really interesting insects too that I’ve not really noticed elsewhere.

One fox has mange so I’m treating him for it at the moment, so he’s a bit bald and he also has red and black fur so he looks like a hyena

My favourite resident bird was the woodpecker but earlier last year they pollarded the trees and I’ve not seen him since, but I do have an owl that sits outside my bedroom window which is cool.


Probably a load of other birds, but had to take the bird feeder down as it was attracting the squirrels near the house

I have a flat in South London and all of the wildlife is out the back of my kitchen windows. It’s great. There’s a big patch of scrabbly grass which sometimes grows way high if its allowed to. There’s a massive horse chestnut, a little cherry tree and a few planes. I’m actually a country boy so it’s very welcome indeed. Reckon I’d have moved years ago if it wasn’t there.

  • There is a beautiful fox at the moment. Absolute stunner. Has really lush, dark golden fur and a great bushy tail.
  • Three squirrels. Was two; now it’s three. Cool. The other day one ran along the neighbour’s fence and a few seconds later his identical mate followed him. It was like the Matrix was glitching.
  • A cracking Jay
  • Few magpies (UTM!)
  • Loads of tits!
  • Once saw a woodpecker eating grubs out of my next door neighbour’s back wall
  • and a few years ago (when the grass was left to grow) I saw a blackcap
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