Garden Wildlife Audit 🦔

ooh, so they do. I never knew that. I’ll just ask them next time they’re round.

There’s normally a bat or two flying round in the spring and summer as well. Think they might live in the neighbour’s manky guttering

do report back

Oh yes, there’s a lovely wee bat that flies right outside my living room window every night in summer, doing loops for bugs.

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oh yes i forgot about bats. we get them here too. no idea what species. that also reminds me that i’ve seen a stag beetle in the garden (as it was flying - they look weird flying as they’re kind of upright)

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Two deer ventured into my parents when I was living there. I win.

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There’s bats where my parents live. Always used to enjoy seeing them fluttering about when sitting out in the garden on summer evenings. One got in my bedroom once though, which was less fun.

Baby pigeons
Adult pigeon
Suicidal cat

Had a field mouse in the garage a couple of months ago when I had loads of cardboard boxes to get rid of.
Heard an owl a few times.
Saw a robin a few days ago.

The previous owners left a bird feeder on the side of the garage but by the look of it, nothing has troubled it since it was installed. It’s all fields on the opposite side of the road, so I’m guessing they probably have the monopoly on wildlife :frowning: - The local cats certainly spend a lot of time nipping in and out of the hedges anyway.

Used to love watching the bats zoom about from the bedroom window where we used to live.

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  • Muntjac

  • Foxes

  • Grey squirrels

  • Pheasants

  • Various other common birds

Had quite a lot over the years but the biggest surprise was the below creature appearing in our bathroom one night. That isn’t the actual one as we were too startled to actually take a picture of it. It was effectively a moth as big as a sparrow:


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chill out, buffalo bill

That’s the fella, a Death’s Head Hawk Moth.
We have a lavender bush under the bathroom window and presume it was enjoying the former and was then attracted to the light in the latter.
Either way, it freaked us out, supposed to be a portent of death…

just chirped a bit and then fucked off. Not very informative.

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