Gardening Thread




Hiya. I thought some of the most boring members of DiS could all be together in here and talk about gardens, sheds and lawnmowers.

What a fucking excellent thread! Here’s a poll to start:

  • I have a garden and enjoy gardening
  • I do not have a garden but would like to do some gardening one day
  • I have a garden and hate doing the gardening
  • I do not have a garden and thank fuck, i’ll tell you, because gardening is fucking horrible

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Already shaping up well with @CeeJay and @marckee tbh. I have Theo down as a secret planter too


You’ve reminded me to fuck up the anonymous plant/tree in my front non-garden.




wait why am i liking this? leave plants alone!


I’m setting the bank holiday weekend aside for a full on frenzy of gardening. I need to get some gravel for in front of the raised beds (it’s currently just mud - very unsightly), a few planter troughs and I might even treat myself to an electric hedge trimmer. I think I’ll also try planting more courgettes this year - even though last years were a bit of a failure. Is it wrong that I’m quite excited by all this?


fair. although i reckon we’re in for a full May-september warm-enough spell you know


it’s EXTREMELY exciting. in about two weeks i’m taking up all the shitty patio stones and i cannot waiiiiittttt


what about “I have multiple gardens and I don’t really know how I feel about gardening yet”?


see i don’t have a hedge :frowning: it’s fences only which is a bit shit although i’ll need a trimmer to push back some of the small trees bordering my back fence


you just need one of these.


this is a safe space for you too Pnicks. first job is to get a simple lawnmower


First year of planting in the garden. It was such a state last summer, that it took all the time to dig over, prepare the soil etc. But now its go time.

Already got the veg in, got some hops growing, gonna mow the lawn again this weekend. Lovely stuff.


@marckee any ideas on what this is yet? It’s currently the height of the house.


Already started for this year - two cuts of the lawn, fully weeded, moss killer down and raked out, planted some jasmine.

Ground is fucking rock solid though - have we had any significant rain this year at all? That said, some forecast over the next couple of days so might get some grass seed down after the kids have gone to bed this evening.

:heart: gardening…



We have a garden that is an absolute mess at the moment. Now that the house is pretty much finished, the plan is to work on the garden over the summer and autumn, to be in a position to plant it up next spring.

I think we had a conversation about this before, maybe, but we’re looking at a thyme and camomile lawn, rather than grass.


I have a garden and I don’t like gardening. BUT, my TV loves gardening and she does an amazing job at it.

Currently building a veg garden. Constructed 4 raised beds from scaffolding planks. Looks pretty professional.


Excellent! I properly jet-washed our paving slabs last weekend and they’ve come up brilliant. This reminds me: I need cement to repoint some bits. I rarely feel as manly as when I’m mixing cement with a beer on the go.


yes we have, and that’s very cool. is it going to rely on much sunlight to work effectively or is it pretty much embedded the second it’s seeded?


looks like grape vines