Garlic Pickle

It’s rank but it’s lovely. Quite rare too.

This is the garlic pickle thread.

Did not hyphenate that tag!

What is it?

Is it pickled garlic or a pickle made with garlic?

This is my current one but I had a few jars years back from the Ideal Home Show that were just whole pieces of garlic in it.

Turns out Pataks make one and you can get it from Ocado.

It’s the latter, not too crazy about the former although a lot of my family are.

People think you can pickle any old shit and make it edible. They’re not far wrong.

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I don’t use Ocado but does that mean it might be in Waitrose?


Nigella seeds
Turning saints into the sea

Seems not. The big guns seem to have a downer on it.

Could go big

might be shit though. However the NT one is about £4 and I got accused of flirting with the cashier.

This one looks better but has a worrying line in its description:


Mmmm delicious permitted substances :drooling_face:


Yes I have been pickling wild garlic. Is that what this thread is about?

No but not one to shy away from it!


I like you more and more each day.

I prefer onion dip TBH

Probably won’t get round to it this year but made so much pesto last year. Hated it by the end. Although I am probably ready to go back in now.