Garnish Chat

Thread to talk about garnishes.

Big fan of the following:

Crispy shallots
Herbs (coriander, mint, basil being the main ones)
Toasted nuts
Sesame seeds

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What is the garnish line? Can you garnish with cheese?

Two good questions. I presume parmesan might be considered a garnish

yesterday I garnished my rice with a green thai curry

should have used a thai green curry

Wikipedia has non-edibles in their list (manchette)

everyone out.


↑ Lord Anti-Garnish

I think the most accurate description might be a green curry in the thai style (produced in london, england)

its a topping. not a garnish.

What if you made a meal that was nothing but garnish :exploding_head:

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can you link me to the recipe?

I think parmesan might be considered a cheese

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garnish every meal wih radishes

wait a second, who’s going around garnishing with caviar?

just rip em out the ground and chuck em on a plate of chips

yeah. also imagine going round someone’s gaff for dinner and they’re like ‘do you want some gremolata on that?’

fuck off mate.

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A fun thing to do might be to pop some parsley on your food or meal before eating it as a garnish