GAS - Narkopop

New GAS album!!!

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Yeah hyped for this

Holy shit! YES!

Pre-sale tickets to Barbican members and The Hydra mailing list available from 10am on Thursday 16th March

hmm, i’m on the Hydra mailing list but haven’t had any info on a presale link, anyone else?

OK got sent the code. Booked!

Not sure what live GAS will be like. Maybe he’ll play in a room backstage to give it that authentic background sound.

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Never listened to this guy before, checked out the previous albums. They’re very good.

went to that Kompakt Pop Ambient night a few years back at the South Bank: Wolfgang Voigt/Jorg Burger, The Field, Walls all doing ambient sets with visuals.
If it’s anything similar it’ll be him on a laptop infront of a big screen of visuals comprising forest/trees.

I saw Voigt do a GAS set at Barbican Cinema 1 in 09. It was pretty much as p_a_u_l describes the South Bank set below with a backdrop of branches and twigs in various colour tones. Honestly it was pretty great and a very immersive experience. Hearing GAS on a decent soundsystem is worth it alone. Think he must have used the Surround sound too.

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Nice. Just preordered.

Huerco S is a perfect choice for support act.

If there are any Gas fans who haven’t checked him out, they should do


Yep, listened to this a lot last year. Good headphone work music

I’m so so so hyped for this. It’s a bit pricey but fuck it, I’m getting it.

Bump as it’s out tomorrow


Ah, nice. Had forgotten about this.

Narkopop 5 :heart_eyes:

Is Narkopop 11 an album length track?

can’t seem to find any info on this. the Kompakt site says it’s a 10 track album but then there’s 11 MP3s on their store. maybe it’s the whole album mixed as one track? It’s like 5 mins shorter than the other 10 tracks combined…

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can listen to the track 11 on spotify (it’s greyed out). I’d imagine it’s a seamless mix.

Colour me unsurprised, but this is really very good. He’s one of those rare electronic producers who has managed to create a sound which remains unique and instantly recognisable in spite of a legion of imitators.

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