GAS - Narkopop



can listen to the track 11 on spotify (it’s greyed out). I’d imagine it’s a seamless mix.


Colour me unsurprised, but this is really very good. He’s one of those rare electronic producers who has managed to create a sound which remains unique and instantly recognisable in spite of a legion of imitators.


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this was my first thought. would surely be a bigger deal made of another entire album’s worth of material.

just listened to the first half of this in a trance.


definitely fits in the GAS collection as a great LP. It doesn’t feel like an afterthought or anything. Really good after a first few spins.


Yeah…definitely agree with this…really is nothing else around that sounds quite like Gas…this LP fits exactly in the same mould as the prior releases…must admit I enjoy and am intrigued by all the albums but it falls a little short of love…do get the appeal though and would give 8/10s across the board for the back catalogue and Narkopop is heading that way too a couple of spins in


Big talk but I think this could be my favourite of the lot of them. This could be I listened to Pop to death.


It’s wonderful.

Lay on the sofa last night reading my book, headphones on. Got as far as Narkopop 5 before laying the book across my chest and basking in the remaining half an hour or so. Fucking gorgeous. Cavernous. Bottomless. AOTY so far.


Better then Pop imo. Level with Königsforst for me.


I had forgotten about this. Just ordered it on CD.


Had also forgotten about this! Just stuck it on for some pre-bed reading.


So it’s brilliant isn’t it? Just as good as the previous four. The massive gap between Pop and Narkopop had me worried, but there was no need to be.

Been doing the quarterly reforecast at work for the past few days, and it’s just the absolute best for drowning out the rest of the world and floating on a sea of spreadsheets. That’s a compliment, obviously.


Loving this. Listened to it on the Thameslink home earlier while the sun was out. Woke up at Tooting all confused.


And it was GOOD—going to take over from Bing & Ruth as my go-to concentrating music, which is high praise indeed as B&R is :+1:


I have a pair of good stalls seats for the GAS show at the Barbican in October. Row J and nice & central.

I’m now going to the Brighton show the day before, since that is much closer to where I live. So I can’t really justify a second night out on the bounce involving a trip into London.

I can easily just return them to the Barbican for a fiver’s cost, but before I do that, if anyone wants to take them off my hands at face value (£36 the pair) please PM me and we can arrange a handover in central London some time in the coming weeks…




My tickets now taken.


I’m a fucking moron and I’ve doubled-booked myself. I have two tickets available in Row A of the circle. £45, which is face value.


You wait ages for one album…





I wonder if I can pick this new one up on vinyl. The last one was just silly overpriced.