GAS - Narkopop



That is a yes. The artwork is lush as well. I’ll pre-ordering this on pay day.


I was the same with Narkopop LP but just had a look on Discogs…

Not a bad price at all that. UK seller too…


That isn’t bad, poor bastard has made a big loss on that one!


My copy of Narkopop has a really bad pressing of one of the records (I have owned two copies and both had the same issues). Reviews on Discogs suggest others have had similar issues.
The quality of the packaging is rather poor too, especially considering the amount it cost when new.
I advise waiting for a repress, if one ever comes.


Thanks for the tip. I would have been fucked off if I’d picked it up. I think I’m just gonna get the new one.,


Bump as it’s out this week!


Delivered this morning!


I’ll have to check this out. At first I thought it was the Mat Jarvis project (0095 is a classic E:MT Records album), but that’s a different Gas ( vs


Got mine a day early, but I’ve already packed up my vinyl player. Was gutted.

Thoughts on it?

I like it, but I don’t think it’s as good as Narkopop or Pop. It’s certainly different to his other GAS work and I think that was needed not to stagnant.