Gasped at anything lately?


Anything made you gasp in the last 10-12 days? (I’ll accept posts about things that have made you aghast as well but only in the last 3 days thanks)


The audacity of this thread.


No, last gasped at something 13 days ago. So I shall not include it in this thread

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Thanks Richmond, appreciated.


The end of the Act of Killing

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The bit in The Victim where Craig Myers said “I’m Eddie J Turner!” :open_mouth:

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I watched that bit yesterday, I didn’t gasp though, I would say I probably sighed.


You’re a hard man to please Ant


I’m actually quite easily pleased


It’s only Tuesday



(It’s my Monday!)

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Yesterday at approximately 8.30am

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I remember gasping at something the other day but can’t remember what it was.

Gasp at how handsome my husband is all the time.

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^ same

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Are you sure it was a “gasp” and not a “yawn”?



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yes: i was riding my bicycle to work and was approaching a roundabout in peckham, about to turn left, when a vehicle tried to overtake me and was also turning left. the vehicle almost hit me when it overtook through the roundabout, and i gasped, and then it turned into the big morrisons carpark where i thought about following it to have a shouting match, but i didn’t.

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Thank you for this further detail. I’m sorry about the experience you had.

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I gasped at the fact you dislike Bowie so much!


In order to avoid any future gasping. I basically dislike nearly every “sacred cow” musician of the late 70’s and entire 80’s