"Gasping for" anything at the minute?

Ever think about how weird it is about how there is “air” and we need it?


Every day, Ant. Every day.


“Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you”

Nice that, isn’t it.

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it needs us more than we need it IMO


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“I’m gasping for some carbon dioxide” - A plant probably

It is, Ant. It really is.

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I’ve only just realised, no, I’m not. I’m struggling to reconcile this actually.

That seems like a peaceful place to be

I hope so. I’ve been brought up in a wanting society though so it’s hard to not be gasping tbqhafwy (to be quite honest and frank with you) (you might hve noticed i wasn’t being entirely frank, but i’m hoping you can let that slide for now, at least)

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Do you know something? I seem to have stopped wanting to buy things for myself (beyond tickets and stuff) but seem to be spending more money than ever before!

I’m gasping for my mother’s love

I sometimes feel the same, although i think i know exactly wherw my disposable income is going… I certainly feel like i should have saved at least some money as I’m not buying things like I used to.

Your mum jokes are sexist btw before you all get ideas

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I always quite liked how in Jeeves & Wooster they refer to cigarettes as gaspers. I’d quite like to bring that into common parlance but I don’t smoke enough for it to be a goer really.

I appreciate this doesn’t answer your question but it’s something I think about from time to time and I’m quite pleased to finally have a place to talk about it.

How regularly would you say you think about it?

a dump.

Once every couple of months maybe. Sometimes more depending on if I’ve got some Wodehouse on the go.

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This was a good thread I think

You misunderstand. Actually, you probably don’t.