“Gate Keeping”

When you read “gatekeeper” what do you understand it to mean?


Someone who answers the phone in an office and doesn’t let them speak to the boss because it’s a sales call


someone who prepares for the coming of gozer, the destructor


I try and work out whether it’s one or two words and the results are inconclusive.

Something that keeps the gates, like a gate warehouse or something


David Seamen, sorry I thought you said great keeper


Someone who looks after their complete collection of Takumi Yanai novels

A same sex preferring tekeeper

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I love making the joke about Ghostbusters (thanks @trucklenupple) but it’s dickheads (men mostly, obviously) trying to protect their music collections from becoming popular - you need to pass a test before you can really appreciate The Ramones or Neil Young or something.

I probably only know the second context through people online though.

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Kate Geeping

Are you the key master?


Can’t decide if a gatekeeper and gate keeping add different things too.

Interesting. That’s a very different definition to the one where people are thrilled that journalists and bloggers as well as the music industry no longer has much sway in breaking artists.

Lovely lass tbf

I don’t actually know how I would develop music taste now if I was 15. Listening to the Evening Session and reviews/ CDs off the front of Kerrang! were so central to what I like/d but I don’t know if the sheer volume of choice now would end up overwhelming me.

I still quite like a Pitchfork review (although I think I’m more interested in The Quietus twitter feed) and I will often look at the Bandcamp features but I probably hear most new music from being forced(?) to listen to the Music League lists and an occasional twenty minutes of MAH at lunchtime.

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If you have a policy at an organisation and an admin team, let’s say if a manager is not following that policy correctly, the admin team would remind the manager of their obligations to follow that policy. The admin team are not managing the situation but they are gatekeeping that policy.


Probably the least Punk lines I have ever typed above.



Deserves a quiet gate


Err, for me it’s cultural institutions who have the power to allow or not allow artists to level-up, reach a bigger audience.

In art, on a national level, an example would be Arts Council England.

In music, on a national level, an example would be the BBC.