I’m due to fly to Gatwick on Christmas Eve

Will I make it there?

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Also bit odd that there’s no effective plan to counter this drone stuff yet, they’ve been around for years. I know they can’t shoot it because of reasons but what about a big net or something. Yknow like in looney toons.

Oops lol there’s a thread already but I ignored it because I thought it was about star wars


Would have to be a really big net to keep them out. Seriously whoever’s done this needs a prison sentence.

Nah - I mean shoot a giant net at it and bring it down or drop one out of a chopper.

I think a drone might be a bit niftier than that

Massive net. Massive. Fish are fast, they still get caught.

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Get on the phone to Gatwick then, you could be the man for the job!

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A giant glass tumbler and giant piece of card so they could trap it and usher it out of a window as you would a bluebottle


Can’t think of drones without thinking of this classic work of art


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