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normalising the actual worst attitudes, la la.

This looks amazingly shite. The media class in this country is a plague on all our houses self serving bastards who if you actually confront are just weak minded shills. Better to just put money in a one armed bandit. When people say they hate this country they don’t hate this country, they hate these fucking cunts who spew bile for a penny.

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hope this absolutely tanks


Finally a TV news channel aimed at [checks notes] 'the home counties and east anglia"


and yet it of course will not.

on one hand, there are a lot of terrible people out there that this will absolutely appeal to, but on the other hand they are exactly the type of people who hate change of any sort. there’s some hope.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it does. £60 million doesn’t seem enough for starters. Plus they will be channel 357 or someat if they break 50,000 viewers I’d be amazed.


Honestly don’t see how it expects to compete with facebook

Hope their building burns down


Slightly in awe of the optimism in terms of this not gaining traction. I might only be going off the last five years but to me this will do more than shlep by.


Its aim isn’t to get viewers. Its aim is to launder a further extreme of right-wing nastiness and punditry into mainstream discourse.

Talking about its location on the channel guide or the number of people who might watch it, completely misses the point.


Nostalgia for Look East


Won’t the “extreme views” be largely neutered by broadcast rules? Especially compared to print and online.

Feels mainly like a grift - talk it up as pushing an agenda to get bags of cash out of awful people, with no expectation of a return.

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lolol ofcom? quick check on who runs tha-

“the Secretary of State is required to lay Ofcom’s annual report before Parliament.”

don’t worry though oliver ‘grinning sack of corrupted incestual bloodlines’ dowden will be on the case to keep things alive!!

This will be the same template as TalkRadio ie it’s not necessarily about getting people to tune in but is all about getting clipped content to get shared and hate-discussed across socials. So the extremism won’t necessarily be in the content, but will be dogwhistle-y enough for gammons to post about on Twitter.

I watched an OFCOM parliamentary panel the other week and this was brought up and the general reaction was “we’re aware of them and we’ll be keeping an eye on them”. I can’t see it getting much traction on the actual telly in terms of viewership.


Gives me the Heeby GBs


I mean, ok. Ofcom is a sponsored body and all of them do that via the head of their sponsoring body.

Think it’s pretty clear that the most extreme views in British media aren’t being pushed by TV tho.

I’ll tune in for his D&D program, probably

i think you’re underestimating what a cabinet that features good old davey ‘civil liberties’ davis, patel and all are going to do with ofcom soon enough.

yup. Same way the press use headline sharing to set narratives despite tanking readerships.