GB News

I bet my Dad ends up watching this fucking thing


three of my family will love this, guaranteed.

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Gammon Boys News, moar lyk!!!1

Turn on the radio, cook a coffee
Turn on GB News and watch me
Defecate defecate

Andrew Neill is such a bellend

yeah good point

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Remember @georgiabeth? She was good wasn’t she


“There’s a danger launching a news channel now is a bit like launching a high street travel agent."

Lunn Polytics.

Yeah, ok, I’m off.

she was one of the best posters on the board

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thought my family were largely much more sensible but i discovered at Christmas that my sister is a big fan of watching Piers Morgan in the mornings and is currently reading his new book. troubling.

cannot imagine her giving a shit about this new channel though

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i think the tendency of rightwing pundits to grift is part of the problem because they eventually find their way to mutual populism and bring one group into contact with another.

Qanon has had similar success in taking mad shit and blending it with merely standard bigoted shit

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Genuinely thought this was an update about her


sullying the name of Team GB with every passing second, the feckless cunts


wtf are discovery channel doing on this then

It can feel kind of scary that this is happening because we’ve never had it before, but conversely I can’t see it ‘turning’ anyone who isn’t already firmly entrenched in that world already. We’re a country where the dividing lines have been drawn well before this via the tabloids and socials. The familiar names they’ve picked are all boomer-friendly and appropriate ages, and they’re unable to truly lie and create weave wacky bullshit in the way Fox can in the States.

It’ll be annoying having these grifters appear on your socials, but I can’t see it being any more damaging or impactful than the shit right wingers ingest on their timelines anyway.

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The £60 million is obviously to start with. Also amazed that Murdoch doesn’t appear to be involved yet.

i think when it’s consolidated it’s easy to channel as one effective movement tbh.

murdoch is ALSO making a fox-esque new channel for the UK

nothing to worry about though.

Thought this was it actually. Just made the assumption since Neil is involved.


when the fuck is he going to flaggable post

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i dunno man i feel like this is symptomatic of the left still not waking up to how outflanked we’ve become on all fronts by the media and digital approaches to right-leaning marketing. we still tend to insist that all of this stuff is silly dumb luck while knowing full well how prominently Mercer et al have tipped the balance of power.

(not you specifically, more i worry we’re all about 5 steps behind the right agenda these days and tend to keep getting blindsided)