GBBO 2018 (rolling pin)




Spoilers below - but then why are you reading this if you haven’t watched it yet🤔

So glad Jon went, not just because I didn’t like him before, but for his constant whinging about ‘being out of his comfort zone’ and ‘needing meat’. I’m nowhere near being a vegan but bloody hell when people do the whole ‘it’s not a meal without meat’ thing it makes me instantly write them off as a person. Bye Jon!


Yep same, I quite liked him until this episode. Clearly waaay beyond his comfort zone so trying to joke and bluff away his embarrassment but still…


Ha - at least he’s playing the villain


So it’s just the nice and good ones left then? Excellent. Ruby looks the most likely to go next on merit but who really knows - she’s also due a :star: looking at DB’s chart


my girl kimjoy is going to win this goddamn sweepstake for me yes yes yes!!!


Watching this really confirmed my boycott and that i didn’t like it.

woah noel fielding walking around with a cake thing on his head - WACKY!
the lady from great british menu never used to dress that bright and wild. Trying to steal mary berry’s thing.
Too many fucking adverts!

The only good bit was when the cake fell over


Pru is better than Mary Berry I reckon.

Don’t think the episode did a very good job selling vegan baking though.


Way better than Mary Berry


Finally someone has something good to say about adverts.


Not sure I’ve ever heard such a harsh judgment on flavours for a showstopper as Manon got this week. That was brutal!

Jon should have gone but don’t think he was being annoying - like someone said, just using jokes to cope with being out of his element.

Noel’s cow bit was funny too.


Thought Mary offered a warm and friendly Yin to Paul’s Yang on the judging panel.

Find Pru a bit stiff and lukewarm, leaving neither of the judges as particularly likeable. In most scenarios this wouldn’t be a problem, but it’s the GBBO ffs


And another demonstration with Ruby’s suicidal cake incident, that the man has absolutely zero empathy.


“So Kim Joy, vegan week eh? You’d have thought that would be right up your alley, only you’re not a vegan are you?”

“No I’m not.”

“But you look a bit like one.”

“If you say so.”

“So do you like vegan food then?”

“I guess”

etc etc

Very weird. Bet she lives on Big Macs and Greggs sausage rolls.


“But you like animals though right?”

“Can’t stand them actually”

“Oh… well how about bright makeup?”

“Not my thing, sorry.”


Danish week!

All of them in Hawaiin shirts in solidarity with Jon and all of them so far seem to be channelling his baking skills.


Rahul is having a shocker


Heyyyy :sweat_smile:

Also Rahul is out unless Manon fucks up her showstopper…


He’s out I rex


Yeah probs, but easily been the best baker throughout the series, so there’s a slight room for grace, depending on what happens in this showstopper