GBBO 2019

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Even we weren’t up to snuff with our commentary this week.
Fuckin bread week!

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My TV aerial still doesn’t work

Alice is my favourite :blue_heart:
That guy really looks like Where’s Wally
Welsh woman is Welsh
Spider woman likes spiders

Why is literally everyone a fitness instructor

Why can welsh people never stop banging on about being welsh? They’re even worse than that Yorkshire lot.


The reverse Tom Jones phenomenon in full effect

Part two

Amelia is very very annoying
People will be annoyed the burgers are vegetarian
I don’t honestly think they are actuality differentiating between the 7th and 8th best of them buns
All 4 is really fucking annoying

Henry is scoring fugas. Course he is.

My household rankings of the surviving bakers:


Helena - Love her commitment to all things spooky. Halloween is my favourite holiday too.
Priya - Creative, calm. Think she might make the finals.
Phil - Humble but obviously got the chops, will go out in the quarters

Mid Tier:

Steph - Not had a lot of screentime yet but she likes to antagonise Paul which is a plus
Michael - Perfectly nice but has yet to shine for me.

Bland tier:

Michelle - Stop banging on about Wales. Might win annoyingly.
Rosie - Stop banging on about animals
David - No personality and does too many healthy bakes

Least favourite:

Alice - Dentist parents, Union Jack cake, in the reserves. All the signs are there.
Henry - Tie wanker

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Think Noel and Sandi are miles ahead of Mel and Sue too


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Prefer Prue to Mary as well.

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This is good. Better than Mel and Sue

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Watching now, I miss Jamie

Surprised Alice is from Essex I gotta say

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Does anyone follow this years bakers on Instagram? They seem to literally spend every waking minute with each other. It’s almost equal measures adorable and concerning. Rahul earnestly comments on every post anyone makes as well.

Instagram is definitely a good content addition to the show.

Reading through this thread from scratch I realise I’ve watched all the episodes so far and still have no idea what any of their names are.

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I miss out on all this because i usually don’t watch the show until the weekend so have to spend half the week dodging spoilers :slightly_frowning_face:

Already gagging. This week is going to be a nightmare for me :persevere:


Literally cannot cope :nauseated_face: