GBBO thread official 2017

Who will be watching and who will be boycotting? More importantly when is it actually on?

I’ll be boycotting it because I’m absolutely livid about whatever it is making people boycott X-Factor for the middle class.

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Boycott just because i cant stand noel fielding

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Do you know when it’s on though?

I forgot it was him doing it. Maybe someone will be good enough to edit him out of episodes and stick it on YouTube.

watched it out of lip-service with an ex for some reason. not going back there - it’s truly a pointless and boring show.

Will watch it but I’m a bit worried - will be a bit hard to match what was a pretty perfect version of itself already.

Even though i hate top gear, feel like it was completely pointless remaking it without those three berks. Will be the same with this, the presenters were the show.


People make meringues all the time

Totally. They had the winning formula.

Mods can I like this comment a hundred times please?

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Love Noel Fielding. So yeah, count me in again