GCSE results day! (O Level / CSE / other secondary qualification chat permitted)

Good luck to any offspring of DiSers expecting their GCSE results :slight_smile:

General GCSE chat (following on from the daily thread):

  • can you remember what GCSEs you got?
  • can you remember how you celebrated / commiserated?
  • of your GCSEs, which do you think you’ve used the most / least since your results?
  • AOB?

Cannot remember any aspect of receiving my GCSE results


4 A*s
5 As
3 Bs

Remember really irking my German teacher cause I’d been a right little shit for 2 years, got predicted a D, visited family in dusseldorf for a week just before the exams and aced it. Nothing much else of note

Media Studies - A*
English Language -A*
English Literature - A*
IT - B (this counted as four Bs for some reason iirc)
History - B
Maths - C
Double Science - D
DT - F

I’d say mine, but it was fairly early in the days of GCSEs, so I didn’t get like nine A stars, so you’ll think I’m thick if I say what I got.

So I’ll just say this - I was the only person in my year at school who got nine GCSEs at grades A-C (A* wasn’t even a thing when I took mine)

  • can you remember what GCSEs you got?
    Maths, Eng Lit, Eng Lang, Double Science, Art Graphics, Business, Media, IT x4 (was a GNVQ that was equivalent to 4 GCSEs), Geography, maybe a couple more? Failed French

  • can you remember how you celebrated / commiserated?
    Collected my results and headed straight to my first festival, Reading, with my dad. Had one of the best weekends of my life.

  • of your GCSEs, which do you think you’ve used the most / least since your results?
    Media Studies

  • AOB?

  • English, Maths, Latin (fuck off), French, History, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics Standard Grades. Got a 1 in all of them, obviously.
  • no idea. Probably went to band practice.
  • Think I’ve used History the least and maybe Biology the most, because Standard Grade Chemistry was pretty shite
  • I don’t think Standard Grades are called that any more, which makes me feel quite old.
  • I was a bit of a boffin in school: got 4 A*s (double science, maths, English), 3 As (English Lit, French, Geography) and 2 Bs (Business studies and some kind of design / technology I think?). (A*s had only recently been introduced and I think I got four of a total of something like seven A*s across a year group of 120 or so).
  • We went to the dry ski slope with some friends. (dotheseguysknowhowtoparty.jpg)
  • Really can’t remember a fucking thing from my GCSE science. Hated the subject and disliked my teachers; basically taught myself the syllabus from a textbook during my revision). Really struggle with the basics. Maths and English are obviously quite useful. Embarrass myself with the bits of GCSE French I can remember.
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Got an E in resistant materials because I smashed my cd rack up in a rage


I remember my maths teacher called me a little shit when he found out I got an A :smile:


8 B’s (English, Maths, French, Geography, Business Studies, Music, Biology, Physics)
2 Cs (Chemistry, English Lit)
1 D (RE) .

If I could’ve been bothered to put a proper job in on my coursework, it would have been better (see also the X in ICT for not bothering to do any coursework)

Got 2 Ds (Biology and Geography) and 2 Es (Physics and General Studies) at A level because, as above, I was/am a lazy fucker.

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Save it for the filth/blind date threads


English Lit - A
English Lang. - B
History - B
RE - B
French - B
Science - CC (one of the teachers had nastily told me I’d fail so I went to find her on results day and got her to read the grade out to me)
Maths - C

Celebrated by going to work.

English I guess cause it’s what I kinda did my degree in. None of them really though.

I remember HATING French GCSE, and the teacher, but after my results came through it turns out my teacher actually liked me and wanted me to do French A-level. Er, no thanks.

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A star - French
A - English lang and lit, German, history, biology, chemistry, electronics, maths
B - physics
C - Welsh

Not on GCSEbook

Other secondary-level qualification chat permitted!

  • 2A* 4A 5B
  • Cried with relief that I had done OK despite having had depression for the whole of that year
  • Don’t think I’ve used any of them, quite genuinely
  • GCSEs were fucking awful and literally made me suicidal. 10 different fucking subject areas, most of which I didn’t want to take anyway and have been entirely useless as an adult. How the hell can anyone learn 10 different subjects at once. Bullshit. (Loved A-levels though)

Got to see the teacher’s loos during my chemistry Standard Grade exam because I needed to do an anxiety poo mid-exam (obviously). Remember it being very nice. Some kind of seashell theme.