GCSE results day! (O Level / CSE / other secondary qualification chat permitted)

What GCSE language/s did you take then?

  • Arabic
  • Bengali
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Gujarati
  • Modern Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Panjabi
  • Persian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Urdu
  • Classical Greek
  • Biblical
  • Hebrew
  • Latin

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  • can you remember what GCSEs you got?
    English lang, English lit, History, ICT, Science, Maths, Technology: Systems and Control…then I get fuzzy. I found my name from the local paper with my name in it (did a picture jumping for joy, I was wearing a bumbag for reference to the event below). Got 8.5 passes at A or A* according to that.
  • can you remember how you celebrated / commiserated?
    Me and my friend jumped in a car and went to Leeds Festival (2008). I remember arriving, a very shy teen and having never been to a gig, to a brother’s friend drunk giving the middle finger to a wasp and swearing at it.
  • of your GCSEs, which do you think you’ve used the most / least since your results?
    The most probably the essay writing skills in History? Useful for Psych and Linguistic writing at Uni. I wish I had paid more attention to programming in ICT as I am really just learning that now. Least would be Systems and Control as it was a bullshit class.

A-Levels were more enjoyable, finally got to do Psychology and everything was more chilled out.

Edit: picture of the cool kid going to Leeds Festival 2008 (hair is wild)


Can’t remember exactly what I got, but got As in English, maths, science, history and PE.

‘results party’ was at my ex gfs house and I wasn’t invited so when my mum asked why I wasn’t seeing all my mates I just mumbled and sat awkwardly at the dinner table. Bangers and mash I believe we had.

Use most of it now to some extent - general knowledge etc as I’m now a teacher.

All I can remember is my friends helping me revise in the canteen before my maths exam cause all my friends were smart. I got a C which I think was as high as I could get cause I was put on the low paper? bad @ maths.
I was probably eating a lot of honey sandwiches back in those days too.

If my memory serves me right I have:

Computer studies
English Language
English Lit

I think. Did I really do two English GCSEs? I’m rubbish at literature. It was a LOOOONG time ago, so I might have done. And then after that my school squeezed a GCSE and A level Economics into two years too, so I’ve got that as well.

“Ooh, make sure you keep hold of your Record of Achievement. Future employers will want to see it so guard it with your life”


Wish I’d been able to do modern hebrew. My modern hebrew would be at a much higher standard right now.


This is a really evocative image


A couple of weeks back I saw my landlady’s record of achievement on the dining room table and had a peek through. She’s been applying for jobs and had it out!!!
mine was pretty much swimming certificates but hers was full of all sorts of high achiever stuff. I googled her school after. private scum

Honey sandwiches remind me of my Forever Friends lunchbox and my first day of primary school aww

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The sad thing is we got given basically the same thing (transferable skills record) at uni and I fucking believed them that time too.

I had to find my GCSE certificates for some reason and dug out my Record Of Achievement. Used to be a handy mousemat back in the day.

See I’m the opposite - I got complacent with my GCSEs and was blown away by the step up to A levels.

Jack of all trades, master of none, maybe :confused:


Once upon a time it would actually have been some of the DiSers awaiting their results…


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Science A/A
English C/C
Maths C
Design / Communication D
Religious Education D
Music D
Tech E

School and GCSEs were both shit.

8 A, 1 A* in RE, 1 B in french.

My twin got loads of A* but then bombed her a levels so…

My mum paid us for our good grades I remember, 12 for an A*, 10 for an A, 8 for a B. Nothing for less an a B obvs.

Went to a friends house, dank too much, vomited over his carpet, went to a nightclub, kissed load of boys. Spent all that money on vodka I imagine. Also now a teacher :smiley:


Hope you had some chewing gum at some point

Unlikely. They weren’t fussy to be fair.

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When did your gsce (or equivalent) results come off your cv

  • Were never on there
  • After completing my next qualifications (a levels etc.)
  • After completing degree or equivalent
  • After getting a first job
  • Still on there

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