Gdansk for your suggestions

We’re off for a few nights in the wonderful and cheap to travel to Polish city of Gdansk tomorrow. I’ve done next to no prep, other than to book a hotel and make sure there are a few pizza options. I’m sure, from the fact that a simple search of the site reveals Gdansk has been posted previously, that some of you must have some tips, top or otherwise, for Gdansk. Please tell those suggestions to me. thanks.

Preferred it’s earlier work as Danzig…


I’ve never been, but I would really like to go - especially to Westerplatte and the Post Office for some wholesome early WWII history.

Gdansk has incredible bars, probably one of the best places to go and just… do a bar crawl. My favourites (bear in mind this was five or so years ago) were Brovarnia, Flisak 76 (amazing amazing place), Loft, Browar Piwna… also loads of those bars where everything is 4 zloty (resulting in the phrase "4 zloty shotty!) which at the time I went was 80p, absolutely brutal scenes.

In Your Pocket would have a list of bars I reckon, and given the “craft” beer scene in Poland has got massive recently I bet there’s bloody loads of places to drink.

I remember having good pierogi and the best jacket potatoes ever at Bar Pod Ryba – srsly, just really good.

Make sure you go to Sopot on the train and walk along the pier. Josef K is a lovely little restaurant in Sopot and again, lots of little bars.

Go to the Solidarity Museum.

It was like -20 degrees when I went. Wrap up warm!

Edit: I love Flisak 76 so much that I named a Spotify playlist after it called something like “If I ever opened a bar it would be exactly like Flisak 76 and this would be the music I played…” :heart:

the Post Office; is that connected to Westerplatte or somewhere else?

I think the Post Office is in the centre of Gdansk somewhere. It was the scene of a siege during the early hours of the German invasion.

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I bought my first winter coat in, um, my adult life (i did inherit a few that I’ve not worn in years) for this trip!

I thought you’d probably have been! Thanks for all the suggestions, I’ve starred them on my googles.

looks like cafe Jozef k has closed :frowning:

I went to see Wisla Krakow vs Lechia Gdansk once, 3-3 was a good game.


what was the scoring order?

1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2, 3-3 (87’)

decent comeback from the Gedanian Lions, there.

Indeed. Oddly, in Poland they have the concept of friendly clubs as an inverse of rivalries and Wisla Krakow and Lechia Gdansk are “friends” so there was a degree of happiness from everyone involved.

It’s murder on Gdansk floor


It will be after I’ve tried out normie’s recommendations tomorrow.

that’s a MUCH better way of doing it. all this having to play certain fixtures at lunchtime on a Saturday bs we have ruins it for everyone.

Like city and Huddersfield

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State of that fucking apostrophe. That’s what I get for rushing to be first replier…

I dunno man, I love the animosity also (and most of their “friendships” exist entirely as a result of shared hatred)