Off for a long weekend tomorrow - any recommendations?

You’re very welcome!

But no, I’ve not been I’m afraid so can’t offer any suggestions. I hope some other DiSers can contribute more than I AND that you have a lovely time! Let us know what it’s like :+1:

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Not been since pre pandemic but went a fair few times prior to that, love the place.

On the Main Street there’s lots of good places to drink and eat and a fair few microbreweries, assume there’s even more now.

If the weathers half decent i’d definitely recommend a trip to sopot - beautiful coastal town. It’s really quick and easy from the main train station, and even a taxi wasn’t that much. You will also see this weird building there:

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That said, the German name for Gdansk is Danzig. And this is a recommended banger :metal:


Usually when I’m in Gdansk, I take either the boat across the bay to a little town called Hel, or take the train there. This takes up a whole day so probably worth saving for a longer trip.

I like Falowiec, a super-long block of flats: Falowiec - Wikipedia

There was a cool little bar near the theatre called Absynt but since the last time I was there it has changed location so I don’t know if it’ll be the same. Used to play cool electro/techno at a volume that didn’t put me off.

I haven’t been there in over 5 years so I have no idea what’s still open after Covid, but the restaurants around the old fish market are nice if the sun’s out, and the town of Sopot is a short train ride away where there’s lots of beach front cafes and a lighthouse and a pier and that.

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Ah yes, the Krzywy Domek. Crazy on the outside, generically uninspiring on the inside!



and gdansk to you

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I love Gdansk. The European Solidarity Centre is well worth a visit as is Zaspa to see the massive murals. I’d also second the recommendation to visit Sopot (weather permitting).

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Wrap up and bring some decent shoes. I went to Gdańsk a few years ago around this time of year. Genuinely the coldest place I’d ever been to in my life. First day I slipped on the ice and twisted my ankle which made getting around fun.

The city itself was very picturesque, especially in the snow. There were quite a few decent pubs, two of which I’m pretty sure were just someone’s front room but the people there are very welcoming and were constantly giving us free drinks and food. I’m not sure if it’s ‘off season’, a few places were closed when we went.

We got the train up to Sopot which was probably even colder still. It wasn’t that far but not sure if it was entirely worth the trip, standing on a frozen beach was like some sort of sadistic endurance test. I probably didn’t make the most of the place just because all I wanted to do was sit inside by a fire.

On the last day some locals in a bar started a fight with us, they took my mate’s bag and insisted it was theirs. The local police told us we “shouldn’t be in their country”.

Good place, would visit again.

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Forecast for snow this weekend… Looking forward to it. Thanks for the tips all, much appreciated.