GDPR email opt-ins


Which companies are you going to allow emails/newsletters from? Would like to know if you’re keeping something good because I quite enjoy looking through the promotions bit of my gmail account, gonna keep:
Space NK, asos, MUJI, hm and other makeup/skincare and clothes brands
Bloom and wild because even tho they’re a total rip off I like looking their bouquet arrangements
All the pizza ones
Verso books for offers
PETA even tho it’s depressing af, but I get to sign petitions etc
Crunchyroll for that anime news
Holland and Barrett cause i only but from them when a sale is on
Songkick for upcoming gigs even tho I never go
Some museums
Some holiday deal sites, again, even tho I never go
My hairdressers



Decided to start over


I tried to re-opt in for Heavenly Recordings mails, but I went and filled in the form and it said I was already subscribed


None of them, then when they do email me I’ll threaten to dob them in to the ICO unless they pay me big bucks (this is already a thing people do but I figure I might as well capitalise on the GDPR fear for extra moolah).


Something like this happened to me, can’t remember who it was but I wanted to opt in and was sent to a page where the only option was to opt out. Am I still in? Is that valid consent? WHO KNOWS


The ones that are chancing their arm can fuck right off. You have already opted out of their marketing and they are trying to use this as a second bite of the cherry. Yes, I’m looking at you Bargainmax!

Dozer racer

None, I’m quite looking forward to the endless emails from places I’ve shopped with once ceasing tbqfhumble.


Oooh I was just about to post about this in the irks thread. Binned them all off


classic Bargainmax!


This, pretty much.

I bet I still get bloody firebox emails everyday though.


I would’ve expected more from a classy, upmarket establishment like Bargainmax.


Dear Balonz,

Apologies that your experience of BargainMax has not been up to the high standards we set ourselves as the UKs No1 online location to buy cheap Toys and Games for children of all ages.

We respect your decision to opt out of our marketing materials, but should you ever wish to revisit our amazing selection of toys, ranging from baby toys to nursery toys to children’s toys, all at rock bottom prices, then please treat yourself to a 10% discount on us! Just enter the code DROWNEDINTOYS at checkout and your discount will be automatically applied. We hope to see you again soon!

^Toby, BM


hi cg


Cheers, mate.

We never established if Buzz Lightyear’s leg was already bust or if my niece did it.


This is the sort of thing I’d do




this is great all these companies BEGGING me to opt in. I’m going to keep them in suspense.


Yep. I’m enjoying the increasingly desperate tone of their emails. Please sign up, you might win a helicopter!

Just leave it to five to midnight on 24 May to sign up to the ones you want to keep.


Ha - my money’s on your niece! If you still have proof of purchase and undamaged packaging though, do return for a full refund or replacement. I won’t tell anyone :wink:

^Toby, BM

L.O.L. Surprise! Biggie Pets