GDPR (niche thread)

Anyone else having to deal with this at work? I’ve been told to do some reading about it… Christ it’s dull, yet undercut with the menace that this could seriously fuck you up.


Oooooh yes
DPA has always been the dullest subject, but this really ups the ante

God, have I EVER?!


Data protection seems like such a farce in the age of social media


If you have any good resources for reading about it, especially if marketing related, let me know…

We’re leaving the EU mate, fuck it


Very much so. Could pretty much make 90% of my job/career redundant.

We’re all sweating on an ICO ruling on its interpretation which is coming out this autumn.

In spite of the above, and even if it fucks me over personally, the forthcoming GDPR legislation is absolutely bang on and is long overdue.

It’s a massive deal here, but thankfully not something I’m having to care about.

This was literally my first response, but it turns out the UK has already agreed to basically institute the same thing but with a few minor variations, which just makes it even harder to accurately research.

Is your profession a gossip columnist?

Oh sure I agree it’s very necessary, it’s just painful.

Was in this year’s Queen’s Speech and will be ratified into UK law in May 2018. So it’s not one of the EU laws we’re going to be sacking off.

Things like this make me so thankful that in my main job I deal with zero public/customers, and in the other it’s just a pub with a diary that might have bookings’ phone numbers in. NO RESPONSIBILITY THANKS!

No. The work of a gossip columnist will largely be unaffected by GDPR.

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Oh yeah totally agree.

Just generally trying to get a feel for compliancy, and how to deal with having a huge database of customers that we’ll now have to find ways to best re-engage.

All I know is there is a guy on £60k a year where I work “getting ready for the changes”. So far he has created a little clock countdown, and told some people they need to redo some work on a 3 year project

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Oh thank god.

If I’m being brutally honest you’re a bit late to the party with it if you’re starting to look at this now, if a lot of the work you do hinges on consent. Our work’s been gathering consent from people to continue to receive communications for well over a year now.

Of course it could be that we’re premature because the ICO ruling could declare that none of the consents we have gathered are strong enough. Lord I hope not.

Yes, work with patient data so it’s a pretty big deal. I see everything but the rest of my team don’t, so there’s always lols* when a doctor starts talking about a patient and is all ‘ah yes, Brenda, nice lady, using to be a teacher…’

*sighing, head in hands and writing up of a trial deviation.