GDPR (niche thread)


Oh thank god.


If I’m being brutally honest you’re a bit late to the party with it if you’re starting to look at this now, if a lot of the work you do hinges on consent. Our work’s been gathering consent from people to continue to receive communications for well over a year now.

Of course it could be that we’re premature because the ICO ruling could declare that none of the consents we have gathered are strong enough. Lord I hope not.


Yes, work with patient data so it’s a pretty big deal. I see everything but the rest of my team don’t, so there’s always lols* when a doctor starts talking about a patient and is all ‘ah yes, Brenda, nice lady, using to be a teacher…’

*sighing, head in hands and writing up of a trial deviation.


I’m battling with this at the moment - it has the potential to be an absolute nightmare. Been to a couple of really good meetings and training courses on it in the last 18 months or so though, and got another one lined up next month. Not that it’s made it any clearer, but I’ve been re-assured by how much everyone seems to be in the same boat across my sector.


Bloody love that sort of stuff, proper Kafka non-jobs. Get a bunch of project managers invovled, bunch more admin, can have a whole floor of people doing absolutely nothing by the end of the month.


Ummm, there’s actually only a handful of us on the floor at the moment doing nothing. The rest are on holiday. Thank you very much!!


Oh tell me about it. It’s not like it’s my responsibility and I’m just getting round to it (thank god), more that the higher ups have suddenly been like “oh yeah, we need to do this now, don’t we?”

For me it’s all about how it will affect marketing emails, and getting our current big list to say “sure, I’d like to keep getting this”. I imagine more broadly my company has much bigger issues to deal with.


Oh yeah sorry I didn’t mean to word it as if it was your responsibility! I know you work for a start up who, naturally, don’t have as much bandwidth to deal with stuff like this but any Senior Manager who’s been sitting on the hands on this for the last 18 months needs a stern word.

Could work out alright though re: consent, just got to wait and see what the erm, marketing lobbies have sorted out with the ICO.


yeah it is quite late in the day to be doing all this tbh. i’ll have a look and see if any of our stuff is freely available that i can send to you but it might be aimed more at the high level (who should be the ones ensuring that you have the materials to inform yourself…)


Is there some sort of pronouncement that will be coming? Or do we just have to try and come up with a new system we think is good enough then we’ll find out post-May if it is?


Might just suggest we do this:

Might do myself out of a job though.


The ICO were meant to come out with a ruling re: permissions gathering/consent in June which would clarify what ‘permission to contact someone’ looks like. This would then form the ICO’s mandatory guidelines from May 2017 when GDPR comes into law. Basically it is hoped that this will answer questions like “if someone has bought something from you, can you take this as inherent consent to contact them again?” and “are past permissions gathered by opt-outs still deemed to be consent to market to post May 2017” etc. etc.

This has now been delayed until October I think. Would be really fucking helpful if they got their skates on with it.


And if you have any useful info, it would be gratefully received, thank you!


I don’t specifically - think I’ve summarised all that I know to be honest in this thread! I bet someone like Marketing Week or another trade rag in your area has published a lot of info though - have a hunt round that sort of thing I’d say.

That Wetherspoons thing seems like overkill to me. Although at the end of the day I wouldn’t have thought anyone would be especially keen on receiving Emails from Wetherspoons. Not really their bag is it. Someone like Naked Wines on the other hand…


What kind of sector are you working in? I’ve got lots of charity / fundraising / arts specific links I can share, although nothing specifically about marketing so they may not be much use.


Email came through about it over a month ago, we have no manager at the moment so the three of us ignored it.


If they just sent me Tim’s column each quarter, that would be great.


Yeah it’s B2C marketing that is of interest to me, though my company as a whole will have lots of other stuff to think about I’m sure.


Literally every post in this thread is saying something that is new to me, and I feel like I am learning a lot.

For this reason it is my favourite thread of the day.