GDPR (niche thread)


they sent that cookie cos if you’d gone to the media they could’ve potentially got absolutely shafted


I’d still do it


Yeah the way I’d look at it actually, don’t ask for it so then you dont have to worry about what you are and aren’t allowed to do with it.


Shit just landed today


Got GDPR training on the 16th of May! I think our organisation are going to be woefully under-prepared for this somehow.


Big fan of it being a way of me getting off mailing lists without doing anything


Just wanted to post that I got 90% in my GDPR training, who wants to touch me


Back in the GDPR
You don’t know how lucky you are


quick shoutout to my pal ‘legitimate interest’ for making my life way, way easier.




My boss has gone off long term sick so I’ve been lumbered with a load of GDPR working groups. Reassuring that every company seems to making an absolute shitshow of it…except for Wetherspoons.


don’t forget about PECR too though, if it’s email marketing you’re doing…


yeah we’re gold on this coz we have historically only ever brought people onto our newsletter from direct, in-person confirmation, for one very specific line of marketing (i.e. sending updates of rare books available) with extremely clear unsubscription links, even in individual quotes from staff members to customers in basic email form. Ironically being so outmoded by other industries has made rare books way, way easier.


GDPR is so done.

PSD2 is where it’s at now.


Ah perfect! We’re well on top of general GDPR stuff at my work, and will be fine for the future. But currently struggling with PECR for some of our historical data because we have a few different newsletters, and haven’t been anywhere near as thorough as we could have been with record keeping. Looks likely we’ll lose more than 1/5 of our e-newsletter list because of this (and possibly shouldn’t have been contacting them anyway).


Games console names really lack imagination these days.


Just saw this on someone’s signature: GDPR.cert


This is all I am dealing with at the moment for our clients (I work in Online Advertising)


I had him when I used to collect the figures :+1:



It’s the word on the street and it’s all the rage, so let’s talk GDPR.

Apparently my work have emailed 20000 people and 350 responded. LOOOOL.