GDPR (niche thread)


Might be easier to merge this thread with this one


not for whoever has to merge it, but for me, yeah, whatever.


and that’s more similar than the deus thread that dis mentioned as being similar


those Belgian rockers do fucking LOVE a bit of regulation though


It’s fun to stay at the…


GDPR, Under The Sea


This is good.


keep getting fucking emails about this, still don’t know what it is


Subs & Soda
Little Analytics


Does this mean I won’t get emails any more?

i dont need emails


Yes, you don’t have to look at any emails ever from the end of May.


It might screw over anyone who relies on web stats too. Our organisation is adding an opt-in for all cookies, including Google Analytics (as they’re not business essential). Since no-one is going to opt in, that’s basically the end of stats :sob:

Until I get the server log sorted I suppose FINE ffs


I’m enjoying ignoring all the emails requesting to stay connected, hopefully spam free inbox soon


and if your boss says otherwise, just tell them I told you so


Theo said I have the power to merge threads now, but didn’t say how.

I accidentally made it a wiki and then changed it back.

I did it!


Because I’m the (data) architect


Been interesting to see how different companies are approaching it. Some have been super formal, explaining what GDPR is, others have been like terrifying exes HEY ARE WE STILL FRIENDS WE WANT TO STAY IN TOUCH

GDPR (5 character limit text)

Lol - regular occurrence in my life too!


I suppose I should get my boss to check if we can still do voice recognition tuning. I’ve got a hunch from ICO’s guidance we may not be allowed any more.


I’m one of the youngest people in our organisation of 2,500 people so even explaining the basics of data protection to my colleagues is proving difficult.