GDPR Question / help

hello. a few days ago i seaarched for my friend’s name in the “Phonebook” app (it’s something came preinstalled that allows point to point voice memos to be sent, kinda like Snapchat, as in if they don’t pick up they dont get the memo, but also it’s live? idgi) and their name came up.

What also came up was a hundred email address of children from across the entire school district that my kids go to. it looks like by installing google classrooms and add both of my kids accounts to my phone it’s added all the email addresses for kids in primary schools from across the whole area to my phonebook.

obviously this is batshit. surely it’s a breach of GDPR? anyway, who do i contact about it?

The local authority should have an information governance team. The Gov Uk website then says to contact the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) if you’re not happy with their response

The ICO are generally quite helpful on the phone for providing information on things like this and advising around next steps on potential breaches - worth maybe giving them a call if you can. They also have (or had) a live text chat feature but used to find the people on the phone easier to deal with personally.

^this. I work in data protection. It’s ICO will be best placed to advise