Gear of the year 2022!

What was your favourite music-making related item of the year?

Doesn’t have to be a new item. Can be your 15 year worn purple plectrum if you like!

I finally restrung my late dad’s acoustic as I played it at my sister’s wedding. Sounds great.

I believe that’s the only thing I got.


Mine is a fairly hideous ASAT that I bought used. The colour/pickguard combo is :face_vomiting: but I can’t put it down. I love it.


Given that it was my first ever custom job and I took this

To this

I’m tempted to say the Bass VI

But in all honesty the thing I’ve used more than any other is the Space Echo. I use it on pretty much everything - it’s killer on vocals and gives everything a sort of glued groove and saturation in the mix

Love it & don’t know what I’d do without it


Helix 3.15 firmware update


Mine could be my hot rodded Squier Mustang Bullet. Never had a proper single coil guitar before and they’re quite addictive, lovely snap and clarity to it. My Jazzmaster is still numero uno but the Mustang is a cheeky mistress.
Plus a cheap-ish Fuzz War I picked up from Reverb. The tone control sweep on that thing has made for evenings just spent banging an E chord out whilst moving the tone knob with my foot. I’m a simple man.


Very definitely Tech 21 Bass Fly rig. It’s been a joy to use and has made me want to learn better bass technique purely down to how good it makes my Sterling sound. Real gem of a thing and immense for recording

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Nell McAndrew!

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Sorry, I misread the title


Hydrasynth for me. Endlessly inspiring and remarkably good UI considering the complexity.

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oh also shoutout to my Stirling Sub 4 Bass. It’s the Music Man ‘squire’ equivalent (although pricier), and for a bit under £400 I have a bass that’s

  • impossibly fun to play
  • set up gorgeous out the box
  • looks rad
  • has active pickups for extra whoomph when necessary
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Mine is the Koala app. Ridiculously easy to use and so fun. Basically the same functionality of your standard SP-404 and then some. All for practically nothing.

I had a ton of little projects on my old phone from the past couple of years that I was planning on exporting to finish up in Ableton. Never backed any of it up and the phone took a dump in November :frowning:

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