Gear Wanker thread Mk II


I think the old one is gone.

Any updates, fellow gear wankers?

Obviously this is an excuse to show off my new kit:

Lakland Skyline Darryl Jones into a Mark Bass Little Mark 250 Black Line through an Eden EX112.

The bass is lovely. I didn’t appreciate how much difference narrow frets would make to the speediness of the neck, but it’s great.

The Mark Bass amp is lovely and clear. I’m a big fan of stuff that you set flat and get “your sound” from elsewhere and it does that brilliantly. This is my first cab with 12" speakers and I think it’s the sweet spot for me.

Also got a LeBass two channel preamp in front of it, so I’ve got the “your bass, but louder” sound of the amp, a “clean valve warmth” setting, and a “fuck off mids, have some clank” higher gain setting. Lovely.

What are we currently on the lookout for? I quite fancy a MXR bass compressor, but they’re fucking £200 new so I’m waiting for the second hand market to do its thing.

Show us yer gear.

Octave Pedal Recommendations please

Got this a couple of weeks back


I don’t really take photos of my gear :confused:


I don’t understand. What do you have framed photos of on your desk, then?


My desk is a cold, clinical environment.


I really want some new kit - I’m on the lookout for a 2nd hand xbase 999 or a reasonably priced 2nd hand DSI Tempest (but they don’t exist). Want a tape echo of some kind too. there’s one of these for sale near me atm but I can’t really justify the purchase

(it’s a gnarly old mixing desk with a built in tape echo under the hood)

I have bass envy, Lakland looks nice. Saw a white mid-70s Rickenbacker 3000 recently that was super sexual and all nicely yellowed with age but again, couldn’t justify the price

oh well


Didn’t know Joe Mangle made bass amps


Want the sonuus wahoo, not that into wash but like the idea of midi synced dual lfo filters. Also want the empress reverb still but don’t think I can ever justify it


Had to get rid of a load of my gear when I moved, but I brought my Ibanez 5-string over (lovely bass) with my Gallien Kreuger MB combo.

Decent amp but I’m sad I had to get rid of my massive TC stack


a little glimpse into studio Bamnan

Guitar Corner

Here’s a nice Vox amp that I rarely use (except for the old youtube vids)

The real workhorse…Kemper profiler

Some electronic gadgets

Pedals (Moog tremolo, Akai Headrush delay, Moog Clusterflux chorus, MXR fuzz, Some kinda expensive OD pedal I forget, Tuner)

thanks for visiting.


never realised you’re a lefty


ah well spotted!

Yeah it sucks really but I’ve got enough decent guitars now that it’s not too much of a problem.


looking at investing in a bunch of pedals over the coming weeks -

Fulltone OCD
Old Bloo​d Nois​e Ende​avors Blac​k Foun​tain
Dr Scie​ntist Mini Reve​rbera​tor
Mr Blac​k Delu​xe Plus Spri​ng Reve​rb and Trem​olo

I have just a standard Boss Distortion and Loop Station that I use occasionally, but currently for the most part using the reverb effect and 2 drive channels that are on my Randall head, and a Snark SN10 pedal tuner (which is really great in terms of being simple and clear (huge display).

My main guitars are a Ibanez AX which I put DiMarzio pickups in, and a Fender Jim Adkins Signature Telecaster. I also have a backup Fender Jagstang.


I’d love a nice telecaster one day, probably be done with acquiring guitars then (yeah right).

I should just post you some of my unused ones, got a tubescreamer and some kinda double octave down evil fuzz thing


How come you aren’t using them?


no space on my pedal board I guess.


Don’t suppose anyone here is a dab hand at fixing broken pedals? I’ve got a broken Timmy.


I fixed my Big Muff for about five minutes, then it broke again.

If that’s the kind of quality workmanship you’re after, hit me up.



Have you looked at the Joyo Ultimate Drive? It’s a £25 OCD clone that gets pretty, pretty close.