Gear Wanker thread Mk II

getting into multi-tap delays

get one

Was saving for a bigger audio interface (two inputs not tickling my pickle ATM) but the td-3 is just ridiculous value

yep and tons of fun

get two

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Warning: this post is even more boring than PSU chat.

I’ve just bought some acoustic treatment bits for my little studio room.

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Might need a judge call on this: bought some lemon oil to clean my fretboard today.

You are going to have some serious tone soon

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What’s more boring?

  • Power Supply Chat
  • Lemon Fresh Fretboard
  • Acoustic Panelling

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You forgot ‘how good are they really’ threads


I’m actually disgusted by how good my £50 Joyo Dumbles clone is. This + Squier JM is making and absolute mockery of my pricier stuff.

Can’t listen now, will check it out l8r bbz

Edit: yes that was quite the edit, I’ve got two massive plasters on my fumb

In Internet paralance, I am here for this.

Do you want some super high res disgusting filthy close-up before and after shots?



Ok, and what about the fretboard?

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Oh, that too.

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I am genuinely interested in discussing what you bought

please address the audience and give us your TED talk

Got a pack of 4 corner bass traps for the top corners of the room, and 4 fairly small acoustic panel things - 2 for behind the monitors, and 2 for the side walls next to the monitors. All ‘Universal Acoustics’ brand, and I think it’s fairly basic polyester/foam stuff rather than any of the fancier more expensive (and obviously more effective) treatments.

My ‘studio’ is a very small space, my guitars are mounted on the wall behind me, and there’s a window directly to the right and a door to the left so it’s not like it’s ever going to be a perfect space, but I’d noticed that particular frequencies - especially roughly around the 100 - 350hz zone - were overly boomy and dominating in some of my normal listening positions, which isn’t great for trying to listen and EQ accurately during mastering.

Figured I’d try bass traps first and just reducing the reflections from behind and to the side of the speakers as a first port of call and see if that has a positive impact in balancing out the boominess. Knowing my luck it’ll actually just reduce all the frequences either side of the slightly problematic area and I’ll end up adding more and more sound deadening material until I exist solely in an anechoic chamber driven mad by the sound of my own heartbeat and blood rushing in my ears.


what’s your ceiling height? Might be more effective to put a diffuser behind the speakers and absorbers on the ceiling above your listening position (or a diffuser behind your listening position)

100-350hz is tricky, especially below 225hz but diffusers can be a neat way of scattering the room’s natural resonances to interfere with standing waves etc. Also helps reduce listening fatigue

Also, if you’re really familiar with your room it’s gonna sound really weird to begin with once you start treating it and, contrary to the usual advice of ‘trust your ears’ I’d say ‘don’t trust your ears, trust your measuring equipment’ at least until you get used to it. What software/hardware are you using for room correction?

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Ceiling height’s about 2.3m.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to get a diffuser behind my listening position due to the guitars being mounted fairly close together on the wall behind. I have been considering some ceiling mounted stuff too, but as the monitors are only about 15cm from the rear wall, and about 35cm from the side walls due to the room being small I figured I’d try to soften that first. 2 of the walls are outside walls and one’s an inside wall so are made from different materials, just to add to the trickiness.

Not really using anything for room correction in truth. I have a measurement mic that came with my living room amp, but when I used that in combination with a demo version of Arc 3 it produced some very strange results. Don’t think the mic is appropriately calibrated for the software, and it seemed better to focus on trying to ‘learn’ the room sound if you know what I mean.

Yeah, I’m definitely expecting it to throw my ears off a little at first, so I’ll be doing even more listening in multiple rooms/speakers/headphones etc than usual whilst my ears settle to the new environment.