Gear Wanker thread Mk II

Obligatory get a line 6 m5 post, size of a single pedal, has all the delays from their green delay modeller seen on many an established acts pedal board, has reverse, auto volume swell, analog voiced, sweep, multi head delays, plus as a bonus all their other effects from that platforms era (worth it for particle reverb alone)

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The only reason I wanted x4 is for the midi sync which is needed for reverse delays, only other bonus is three pedals to recall favourites

What’s the longest delay time? Spotted a 2nd hand M9 for the same price as that x4.

Not sure, I can check my helix when I get home as it has all the m series effects in the legacy section, found the old green delay modeller manual, says the memory man model does 2.5 seconds, not sure if it varies by model, like with the helix they make it match the real thing they copy so analog delays still have a short max, guess they weren’t doing that before if the m series dmm does 2.5 but could be other models do more.

If you get an m9 you can get this particle/barberpole sound

“You can go have a bite you’ll still be hearing that one”
“Barbershop phaser”

I’d like hear this guy narrate more videos please.

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can confirm all the m-series legacy delays in my helix have a max delay time of 2 seconds, also noticed their is a pattern tremolo in there which is like that goalkeeper I mentioned recently

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Classic Reverb

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Might buy some stuff today


Think i bought this earlier

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Idiot question from an idiot: I get horrific line noise when recording my guitar. I’ve isolated every step and it’s only happening when the cable connecting the amp effects send to the audio interface input is connected to the amp - even if the amp is turned off.

That means it’s the cable, right? (it doesn’t matter which of the two audio interface inputs I use)

Also, is this the kind of thing that balanced cables solve?

do you get the same noise when you plug the cable from the send in to the return on the amp? also have you got your interface set to line level rather than instrument level, the tweaker fx loop is a bit unusual as it is line level rather than instrument level (though guess that shouldn’t make a difference if the amp is off), balanced cables need those three pin inputs which the amp won’t have so dont think that would help even if the interface side is three pin

also think plugging amp/computer into the same power socket is supposed to help, grounds or something

No, it’s only when the audio interface is connected to the amp. I’ve tried both level settings on the audio interface, I think I’ve got it set to the right one. They’re both plugged in to the same socket already.

I meant a balanced jack cable, e.g.

With the extra shielding. They’re £6, ordered some to test anyway.

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I think balanced cables only work if the output is a balanced signal, extra shielding can’t hurt though. I get an noisy signal when my helix is connected via usb, when my laptop has the power supply plugged in, and when I’m using an external monitor, basically try and disconnect anything you can disconnect

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saw someone post this in the line 6 facebook group, now im lusting after this kind of set up rather than my giant helix LT

always had a love/hate thing with my jazzmaster, love the feel of it and when played very delicately it sounds really nice, but for more general purposes it sounds rickety and thin, been messing around with EQs and compressor blocks in my helix patches, pretty much solves it and makes it sound like an average guitar, in two minds though, have become attached to the bad sound

I really really like the clean tone of my Squier Jazzmaster now, and I’m fussy as fuck. Catch myself just strumming open chords sometimes and admiring the sound. Vol 7, tone full, neck pickup, Tweaker on the “shimmering clean” suggested settings (think it’s the AC30 one?), always on pedals are the orange compressor (has no settings) MXR il torino almost flat, JHS Spring Tank with a very subtle reverb. Sounds very full and lush. Without the il torino I find it a bit thin, and without the compressor there’s not much sparkle in the high end.

Then I mask it all with a Big Muff.

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Anyone use a compressor post gain?

I have various issues with volume levels of different gain pedals and am wondering if having a comp after would tame tgat a bit, but am worried it will ruin the fuzziness

think I might have the action too low as if I strum chords it just sounds really messy, if I pluck strings too hard it has a real plinky sound. what kind of sustain do you get on notes above the 12 fret, I know low sustain is part of there thing but i’m sure mine used to be a lot better and has deteriorated over time, wonder if when I put a shim in a couple of years ago I actually made it worse

Ok but not, y’know, Les Paul like or anything. 15th fret and up is dicey, especially on the B and high E.

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