Gear Wanker thread Mk II

spent the evening trying to get my helix to sound like the headphone out of my £60 pathfinder amp. think I cracked it

Due to coronavirus cancelling a holiday I unexpectedly have a bit more cash. Should I get

  • Ableton push
  • Digitakt

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Think the push would be better for actually finishing tracks in Ableton but digitakt looks fun. If I got the push I also might have enough left for the berhinger 303 clone which is cool

I have a Digitakt and it is fun (I just lost 4 hours to it somehow), but I don’t use Ableton so hard to give any firm opinion.

Think I’m going to buy some stuff as I’m not spending any money doing anything, and I have more time to fill. Would be good to actually make some music!

Like the look of an elektron cycles, a twisted electrons therapKid, a chase bliss blooper and a moffenzeef modular msg 2.


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I don’t have that much money tho! Ha ha ha!

What pedal power supplies are we all on? Finally making the step up from a crappy wall plug and tempted by the Walrus Audio Aetos as it looks nice. but open to any ideas

Got the fancy MXR one but 12 outlets aren’t actually enough given that two of them are 18 V and I already melted one Klon clone with them.

Sticking to my trusty Boss 9Vs at the moment as my DSD-2 makes a whistling sound if I dare to use anything else.

Seems stupid they have to be 18V? I assumed they were up to that, but would scale down for other pedals

Technical terminology

It’s annoying. There are two other slots on there that you can switch between 9, 12 and 18, and those are fine. But if you start out with 12 slots, and you can’t use two of them, and you’ve got an always on compressor and an always on preamp, and your amp doesn’t have onboard reverb so your spring reverb pedal is always there… effectively 7 slots isn’t quite enough for me.

Im still rocking the 10yr old OneSpot powering 5 pedals with an additional daisychain coming out of the pitchblack tuner. Surprisingly quiet.

Dc power brick that I have had since 06/07 and a voodoo lab digital that I got about 4 years ago.

Think I might start a GoFundMe to get me a Magnatone amp. Fu-cking hell.


Case is full/finished (will it ever be finished? :see_no_evil:)


Oh shit, £900

Still too much!

Well yeah but at least it’s not a total pisstake now.

Post some sounds my dude

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bought one of them thar power supplies, shiny blue tis, named after a neil young album