Gear Wanker thread Mk II

Yeah me too, big fan of those.

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Hey, who doesn’t love their pancakes?


New pedal(s) day!

Going to make some godawful noises now.


Dr Mrs Epimer’s verdict so far: “God, that sounds awful

Good, that’s what I was going for.


sounds bad

How’s the OC-5 on it’s own? What’s the tracking like?

Tracking is flawless so far. Mostly been playing around with octave up on guitar though, feel like octave down can go a bit Jack White. Only planning on using octave down on guitar in combination with the range function to fatten up chords.

Haven’t plugged a bass into it yet. Bass VI could be a lot of fun with it.

when she’s right, she’s right



That would sound even worse with a ring mod.

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unenthused by the helix 3.0 update, the rams head big muff is good I suppose

Late night browsing local listings & very tempted to get this

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just bought this classical acoustic (well a version of this that is a bit more battered). been wanting one for a while and finally pulled the trigger. going to be nice to play around with anyway, its such a beautiful sound and you don’t need to do much to make them sound lovely, but interested to see what this will be like through the weird pedalboard that i’ve assembled through lockdown 1.

keep looking at the chase bliss blooper as well, but it doesn’t matter how often i look, $500 is still a lot.

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This is a late 70s Italian ’clone’ of Roland’s RE-201 in case anyone is wondering. Quite spendy but nowhere near as spendy as an actual 201

It looks cool as fuck. How much?

about £650

or 1/3 of the price of a reconditioned RE-201

not sure if the two outs (‘P.A.’ & ‘Output’) give the same out or different outs. One being a mix out & one being 100% wet would be ideal. From the few details I can find on the web the spring tank is a bit unusual in that they’ve got 3 springs with one as a diagonal (presumably to get maximum spring length in the unit. Pretty funky

Gonna mail the seller. Reckon this might be my Christmas present to myself

Is it a tape echo?

yeah, it’s an RE-201 copy. Tape echo & spring reverb

This is the actual unit for sale. Looks pretty clean and very sexy huh?

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Are you able to test it out before committing? Certainly looks clean

The way the tape just runs free on space echos freaks me out a little