Gear Wanker thread Mk II

now I want one of these too

just for listening to music I think it would be cool

Liking these already. This is from 30 seconds of fiddling and is completely dry - no reverb or delay

Bit more movementy (technical terms) than the other oscillators.


purchased, it gave me this link to share for 10% off if anyone wants to buy anything, dunno how much use it is as it says not combined with other offers and the normal offers are probably better

Ooh, squelchy! I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how good the MF is for bass and that sounds like it could be fun addition.

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Behringer have provided an update

Want one

I am loathe to want one … but I do

Definitely one of those things I have always wanted and definitely no idea how to use it/what I would use it for and I don’t need it but, look at it, it has a fucking joystick and a load of switches and knobs.

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I’ve used a VCS3 and also a synthi AKS a few times. Always totally flummoxed by the modulation matrix but they just sound so great that it doesn’t so much matter in the end

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All the EMS stuff looks amazing that KB1 looks fun.

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Is it wrong to kinda dig the PRS Silver Sky Lunar Ice limited edition?

Thinking of buying a small tape machine to bounce tracks to, so I can add more character to bits and pieces. Largely inspired by my VSS 30 which adds so much dirt to the stuff sampled into it:

Samples start at 44 seconds

I’ve thought about selling it because I bought it for £2 at auction and they go for maybe £200. Can’t quite bring myself to do so

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I like how the abbey road studio 3 plugin lets me hear what my mix would sound like with different size heads

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what pedal power supplies is every one rocking? I really do need to invest in one eventually, just such an uninspiring way to spend £100s

I’ve got a couple of 30 quid isolated things, like the Donner DR2 or something similar. Never had any issues with them.

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This one from Thommen is amazing for the cash, no need to get anything else IMO

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Sure I’ve said before a voodoo labs digital and a dc brick the old one.

Loads of Boss 9vs because my ancient pedals start making weird whistling noises if I used anything else.

now i’ve started to set up backing tracks in my DAW that I can control with my helix it has occurred to me, I could go full midi wanker, set up an external instrument on the DAW and have it automate the effects on the Helix, so I could play foot free except for my standalone pedals and looper, could even automate the looper. Helix the gift that keeps giving