Gear Wanker thread Mk II

I have got the cheap roland with the mesh snare. The rubber pads are quite a way off being silent, dont know if that will be an issue for you or not (I fear playing it because I live on top of another flat). If you cant get the version with the snare anymore it is the same drum module and each drum can be set to different drum types, so if you get a mesh snare separate it would work (think there is compatibility between some brands too so might be cheaper options). Think even if you dont care about realistic feel it is worth getting a mesh snare at least, the way the sticks rebound makes rolls flams and ghost notes a lot easier

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Just this morning had a pedal arrive from Latvia. UPS delivery within a few days, so maybe they’ve gotten through most of the import backlog now.

I did get fucked a bit on import costs, though I think that’s my fault because I didn’t double check whether they’d already added VAT for UK customers (they hadn’t - I assumed they had), and then UPS added a fee for ‘processing’ the VAT.

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might have a quick look on eBay for an unupgraded one and get the snare separately I GUESS


Hang on, that’s a mesh snare!


Awww yissssss


(carpet not included)

has an extra crash as well

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Didn’t even notice that over the carpet

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Light up plectrums, essentially gear

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I’m wondering what to make of this

seems quite intriguing - and a bit ‘What are all these bro-tech dudes cooking up?’

There’s loads of jobs going

thoughts? speculation? Something for us? There’s a crowdfunder that starts tomorrow

Think it’ll mostly be consumer electronics

Assume with TE on board it will be aimed at the (very) high end


I’m thinking some kind of wireless modular system that connects seemlessly over air with samplers, drum machines & DAW

At the very least it should be better than that radio sampler box thing they released last year

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anyone know about how stereo effects work, they make sense when they have a mono source, ping pong delays, tremolo panner etc, but when in series with other stereo pedals how does that work, can imagine them becoming a garbled mess with conflicting stuff going on, like if the tremolo pans everything to one channel what would a stereo delay do with that, do they just become dual mono pedals when after a stereo pedal. guess I could just experiment to find out

I have one of those. Utterly pointless but great as a (way overpriced) Bluetooth speaker

Hm. I think they won’t get much beyond earphones, Bluetooth speakers and maybe a soundbar or something tbh


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Behringer have bought Aston microphones then.

Shame. They were making great products at a fantastic price and assembling and manufacturing them in non-slave-labour conditions in the UK.

Guess that’ll last a little while then when Behringer can get away with it they’ll change that to maximise the profits.

Still love the double neck & the acrylic jazz

My new work laptop has some kind of annoying fault with the heaphones plug. If I put a set in there with a mic it mostly never recognises it. Not sure what’s up but it happens with my bluetooth earbuds and with some others.

So, since my new phone doesn’t have a 3.5 jack (fuck you, Apple, because it’s your fault everyone else has done this) I decided to buy some big cans. I’ve worked out that for calls on my laptop I can actually use my U-Phoria USB sound device and plug in a decent mic so this will mean I can be heard next time I’m on one, even if I’ll look like someone commentating on Football in the video.

Same! The rest are FOUL though.